Archibald Macleish World Poems

  • 1.
    mon semblable, mon frère
    Our epoch takes a voluptuous satisfaction
    In that perspective of the action
  • 2.
    Think of our blindness where the water burned!
    Are we so certain that those wings, returned
    And turning, we had half discerned
    Before our dazzled eyes had surely seen
  • 3.
    Science, that simple saint, cannot be bothered
    Figuring what anything is for:
    Enough for her devotions that things are
    And can be contemplated soon as gathered.
  • 4.
    I speak this poem now with grave and level voice
    In praise of autumn, of the far-horn-winding fall.

    I praise the flower-barren fields, the clouds, the tall
  • 5.
    A year or two, and grey Euripides,
    And Horace and a Lydia or so,
    And Euclid and the brush of Angelo,
    Darwin on man, Vergilius on bees,
  • 6.
    These alternate nights and days, these seasons
    Somehow fail to convince me. It seems
    I have the sense of infinity!

  • 7.
    for Learned and Augustus Hand

    You, my friends, and you strangers, all of you,
    Stand with me a little by the walls
  • 8.
    THE praisers of women in their proud and beautiful poems
    Naming the grave mouth and the hair and the eyes
    Boasted those they loved should be forever remembered
    These were lies
  • 9.
    Quite unexpectedly, as Vasserot
    The armless ambidextrian was lighting
    A match between his great and second toe,
    And Ralph the lion was engaged in biting
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