Archibald Macleish Light Poems

  • 1.
    To R. L.

    NEITHER her voice, her name,
    Eyes, quietness neither,
  • 2.
    WE HAVE loved each other in this time twenty years
    And with such love as few men have in them even for
    One or for the marriage month or the hearing of
    Three nights' carts in the street but it will leave them:
  • 3.
    for Learned and Augustus Hand

    You, my friends, and you strangers, all of you,
    Stand with me a little by the walls
  • 4.
    The star dissolved in eveningâ??the one star
    The silently
    and night O soon now, soon
    And still the light now
  • 5.
    The old men rake the yards for winter
    Burning the autumn-fallen leaves.
    They have no lives, the one or the other.
    The leaves are dead, the old men live
  • 6.
    The earth, still heavy and warm with afternoon,
    Dazed by the moon:

    The earth, tormented with the moonâ??s light,
  • 7.
    And here face down beneath the sun
    And here upon earth's noonward height
    To feel the always coming on
    The always rising of the night
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