The Ant And The Cricket Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A silly young cricket accustomed to singA
Through the warm sunny months of gay summer and springA
Began to complain when he found that at homeB
His cupboard was empty and winter was comeC
Not a crumb to be foundD
On the snow covered groundD
Not a flower could he seeE
Not a leaf on a treeE
Oh what will become says the cricket of meE
At last by starvation and famine made boldF
All dripping with wet and all trembling with coldF
Away he set off to a miserly antG
To see if to keep him alive he would grantG
Him shelter from rainH
A mouthful of grainH
He wished only to borrowI
He'd repay it to morrowI
If not helped he must die of starvation and sorrowI
Says the ant to the cricket I'm your servant and friendJ
But we ants never borrow we ants never lendJ
Pray tell me dear sir did you lay nothing byK
When the weather was warm Said the cricket Not IK
My heart was so lightL
That I sang day and nightL
For all nature looked gayM
You sang sir you sayM
Go then said the ant and sing winter awayM
Thus ending he hastily lifted the wicketN
And out of the door turned the poor little cricketN
Though this is a fable the moral is goodO
If you live without work you must live without foodP



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