The Holidays Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


'AH don't you remember 'tis almost DecemberA
And soon will the holidays comeB
Oh 'twill be so funny I've plenty of moneyC
I'll buy me a sword and a drum 'D
Thus said little Harry unwilling to tarryC
Impatient from school to departE
But we shall discover this holiday loverA
Knew little what was in his heartE
For when on returning he gave up his learningF
Away from his sums and his booksG
Though playthings surrounded and sweetmeats aboundedH
Chagrin still appear'd in his looksG
Though first they delighted his toys were now slightedH
And thrown away out of his sightI
He spent every morning in stretching and yawningF
Yet went to bed weary at nightI
He had not that treasure which really makes pleasureA
A secret discover'd by fewJ
You'll take it for granted more playthings he wantedK
Oh no it was something to doJ
We must have employment to give us enjoymentL
And pass the time cheerfully awayM
And study and reading give pleasure exceedingF
The pleasures of toys and of playM
To school now returning to study and learningF
With eagerness Harry appliedN
He felt no aversion to books or exertionO
Nor yet for the holidays sigh'dN

Ann Taylor


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