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  • The Cut
    Well, what's the matter? there's a face
    What ! has it cut a vein?
    And is it quite a shocking place?
    Come, let us look again. ...
  • The Spider
    'OH, look at that great ugly spider!' said Ann;
    And screaming, she brush'd it away with her fan;
    ''Tis a frightful black creature as ever can be,
    I wish that it would not come crawling on me. ' ...
  • Deaf Martha
    Poor Martha is old, and her hair is turn'd grey,
    And her hearing has left her for many a year;
    Ten to one if she knows what it is that you say,
    Though she puts her poor wither'd hand close to her ear. ...
  • Little Girls Must Not Fret
    WHAT is it that makes little Emily cry?
    Come then, let mamma wipe the tear from her eye:
    Thereâ??lay down your head on my bosomâ??that's right,
    And now tell mamma what's the matter to-night. ...
  • Sophia-s Fool-s-cap
    SOPHIA was a little child,
    Obliging, good, and very mild,
    Yet lest of dress she should be vain,
    Mamma still dress'd her well, but plain. ...
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Stephzell: not my therapist telling me i need to find a passion in life besides taylor swift???? come on ann do not drag me today
Calltoactivism: boom: rep. jamie raskin just torched republican lawmakers like marjorie taylor greene who visited january 6th rioters in prison. raskins’ remarks came after gop complaints about washington d.c.'s handling of violent crime. raskin lit republicans over their hypocrisy: "the…
Dngill: those who voted against starmer’s motion: andy kerr (cwu) mick whelan (aslef) iaan murray (fbu) nicola jukes (tssa) jayne taylor (unite) tony woodhouse (unite) mish rahman (clps) gemma bolton " jess barnard " yasmine dar " ann black " ellen morrison (disabled members) thank you
Tonyhussein4: donald j. trump's campaign rally featured individuals imprisoned for their roles in the attack on the capitol. speaker kevin mccarthy met the mother of ashli babbitt. marjorie taylor greene and byron donalds visited the jail to check on conditions for the jan 6th defendants.
Occupydemocrats: breaking: elon musk’s twitter spits in the face of its own rules and reinstates the account of bigot rep. marjorie taylor greene after she was suspended for making a disgusting, fear-mongering post about a rally called “trans day of vengeance” in a clear attempt to incite hatred…
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Aisha: Sweet poem
Linus Ichemeta : i am so happy interested in your poems especially this title "my mother" i pray for more grace upon you

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