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AdamParkhomenko: this video of Marjorie Taylor Greene

johnpavlovitz: Marjorie Taylor Greene shouldn't be in Congress, she should be in a jail or in a medical facility.

ThePubliusUSA: I want to live in a country in which people like Marjorie Taylor Greene are unelectable because of the critical thinking skills and integrity of the electorate.

Acyn: “I was a prosecutor. I’ve convicted people for less on stalking charges. I mean she is following Ms. Ocasio-Cortez around for years... She just needs to let it go. She’s just not that into you Marjorie Taylor Greene. I’m sorry”

VABVOX: Today would be a good day for Marjorie Taylor Greene to be arrested for stalking, harassing and threatening Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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NWPinPDX: There are reports that Republicans running for re-election next year are beyond afraid that Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene will end up being the face of the GOP going into the midterms in 2022. It’s too late — these two already represent the GOP and all that’s wrong.

GoCentenary: Happy B Day today to our National Champion Taylor Ann Wilson!!!! Read more on Taylor here:

parkinglotz: and they only wear clothes from like ann taylor or old navy or the gap but they add sequins or stones or something to it all

ann_neels: Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Clown

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timestribune: St. Ann’s Basilica Church was the setting May 16, 2020, for the wedding of Kaitlyn Turi and Patrick Sacco, both of Taylor.

ZigNotZing: For extra cash in grad school, I took a job at the Charlottesville Ann Taylor. Sissy Spacek came in one afternoon. I was in the back room pulling suede pumps in her size thinking, “I’m waiting on Carrie. I’m getting shoes for Carrie.”

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thatsmymaam: "taylor swift isn't a milf" ok then what's this

covie_93: Marjorie Taylor Greene has a crush on AOC.

OhNoSheTwitnt: “Trans people are dangerous and mentally ill” said Marjorie Taylor Greene as she set fire to a photo of AOC and pissed on the ashes.

ann__garcia: no one is allowed to dislike Taylor Swift.

davenewworld_2: Marjorie Taylor Greene should be arrested for tax fraud. She filed for 2 homestead tax exemptions but this tax break only applies to your primary residence and it's against the law to file for more than 1. She once said she's a "taxpayer" who pays AOC's salary. Apparently not.

NWPinPDX: FROM GEORGIA: Marjorie Taylor Greene is violating Georgia law on homestead exemptions in order to make some money. She is that criminal, corrupt and out of control miscreant that she plays in Congress.

davidmweissman: I don't agree with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez on everything, but I agree that Majorie Taylor Greene clearly needs help.

MSNBC: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez told reporters that Rep. Greene "clearly needs help" following incidents with colleagues on Capitol Hill. “At this point, I think, the depth of that un-wellness has raised concerns for other members as well.”

mmpadellan: Both Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are dangerous insurrectionists and need to be expelled. We're keeping the pressure on Congress, and your RT and small donation will help these trucks keep rolling.

funder: I hope everyone joins me in no longer having to type out Marjorie Taylor Greene. It’s Marge Greene to me.

NBCNews: Speaker Pelosi says that Rep. Greene's decision to scream at Rep. Ocasio-Cortez outside the House chamber is behavior that may need to be investigated by the House Ethics Cmte.

realTuckFrumper: Local Georgia News Busts Marjorie Taylor Greene in Major Tax Fraud Issue

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clairewillett: I’m just saying that video sure makes Marjorie Taylor Greene seem like exactly the kind of violent asshole who would rip the panic buttons out of Ayanna Pressley’s desk and laugh while she was doing it

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MeidasTouch: Little did Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz know their ‘America First’ tour would be a farewell tour.

ann__simon: Is Marjorie Taylor Greene's obsession with AOC mentally unhealthy?

EricHaftelLive: I knew I had seen Marjorie Taylor Greene on People of Walmart!

PoliticusSarah: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was caught taking big property tax exemption on two homes in violation of Georgia law.

kylegriffin1: Democratic Rep. Jimmy Gomez is not giving up on his crusade to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene. "I don't want us to forget that there are, as Pelosi called them ... an 'enemy within.'"

NWPinPDX: Marjorie Taylor Greene wouldn’t last through a shift at McDonald’s before getting fired.

1_OldGeezer1950: Eric Swalwell makes mincemeat of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s rude staffer

CHARLESGAHAN1: Man Lady Commits' TAX FRAUD Marjorie Taylor Greene and her husband received tax breaks on two Georgia homes, investigation says. Married couples are only allowed one, according to state law.

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femaIehysteria: no way people pay this much money to buy things from ann taylor loft. every piece of clothing in here looks like what women on criminal minds get murdered in

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MayoIsSpicyy: Make no mistake, Marjorie Taylor Greene wants a Civil War.

Lovely__B: This dress was Ann Taylor but these platform heels, Charlotte Russe

Newsenm: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) accused a series of Democrats of tormenting her on Friday when asked by a reporter about her treatment of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). NBC News Capitol Hill reporter Leigh Ann Caldwell asked Greene about her

ChristopherHahn: Marjorie Taylor Greene is the Karen of Congress. Exhibit A

MeidasTouch: Marjorie Taylor Greene is not well.

ouralula: I panicked. What should I pack?!...I had zero idea. I set out on a panic shopping trip at Ann Taylor Loft. They have a section with crazy soft clothes, and I bought several “transplant outfits”: a couple of sweatpants sets, a few pairs of soft socks, some soft long-sleeve shirts.

meganpeckshub: My mom worked at Ann Taylor, so I dressed like a suburban real estate agent at age 12.

NWPinPDX: THE TRUTH: Marjorie Taylor Greene would be fired from any other job for her behavior at work and towards her coworkers.

covie_93: When people say the devil finds work for idle hands, they were talking about Marjorie Taylor Greene. Seriously, she should take up knitting or something.

_Rebel_Scum_: It’s quite jarring to realize how old you are in the middle of shopping. Going to Ann Taylor now, goodbye youth. It was a blast.

PhilArballo: Who else thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene is unfit to serve in Congress?

bjoewolf: For a party that has told us “America should be run like a business” for generations, their members sure do a lot of things that would get any of the rest of us fired on the spot.

PalmerReport: Eric Swalwell makes mincemeat of Marjorie Taylor Greene's rude staffer

DavidJollyFL: Folks, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene were among the very, very top Republican fundraisers of Q1. Please stop with the 'save the GOP' narrative tonight. Just stop. Pursuing that strategy is just misleading people of goodwill.

Holly_4Congress: Hi, I’m Holly McCormack and I’m running against Marjorie Taylor Greene. I’m a band mom, small business owner, and *actually* from northwest Georgia. I need your help to flip this seat. Please RETWEET and FOLLOW to help us grow our grassroots movement.

HuffPost: "I've just frankly had enough with these marauding goons in the Marjorie Taylor Greene crowd," said the Democrat.

funder: Investigation: Marge Greene filed homestead exemptions on 2 homes, violating Georgia state law. Now Marge is truly a Republican in Congress.

AnthonyMKreis: Investigation: Marjorie Taylor Greene filed homestead exemptions on 2 homes, violating state law – WSB-TV Channel 2 - Atlanta

SuckerCarlson: MARJORIE GREENE: "Why did I yell like a rabid maniac through AOC's mailslot? Obviously because I couldn't fit the tip of my desert eagle through her mail slot. You have no idea how big those guns are. I also didn't want to waste ammo. So I just yelled."

Law360: The U.S. Trustee's Office asked a Virginia bankruptcy judge Thursday to put a portion of the already-approved Chapter 11 plan of former Ann Taylor owner Ascena Retail Group on hold.

saluhhmandy: i need an ann taylor pant suit

MeidasTouch: Psychopaths like Marjorie Taylor Greene are the reason we need gun control.

intothefolklore: kinda disappointed the friends cast didn’t approach taylor and charlie for the reunion, they're literally the biggest fans of the show

corvid317: Reporter recounts 'shocking' Marjorie Taylor Greene confrontation

ThePubliusUSA: There should be no place in Congress for racists, bigots, liars and conspiracy theorists like Marjorie Taylor Greene.

realTuckFrumper: Pelosi calls for investigative probe into Marjorie Taylor Greene's history of harassment after AOC attack

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kylegriffin1: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Taylor Greene: "I used to work as a bartender. These are the kinds of people that I threw out of bars all the time."

ThePlumLineGS: The new statement from Elise Stefanik, who's now been elevated to House GOP leadership, is utterly batshit crazy and is indistinguishable from much of what Marjorie Taylor Greene says:

ChuckCallesto: BREAKING REPORT: Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls for Investigation as to why NANCY PELOSI REFUSED National Guard at US Capitol on Jan. 6...

ann_neels: Marjorie Taylor Greene Shouted ‘Get Rid of Your Diaper’ Through AOC’s Office Mailbox

KFILE: Among Greene's associates with her is Anthony Aguero, who was among the Capitol mob on January 6th who went into the building. Greene's companions say into the mailbox slot of the locked door, ""You can't stay in there forever. Come out and play."

KFILE: Greene and her associates the vandalize AOC's office's guest book outside the door, calling her "crazy" and drawing pictures of a border wall.

KFILE: "Bye. Bye, AOC. Ocasio-Cortez. Bye, bye, baby. Bye-bye, baby. Bye-bye, little baby girl. Ocasio-Cortez-- she went and hid. She couldn't take it," Greene says. Visit was the same day Greene suggest Nancy Pelosi could be executed for treason.

ann_neels: AOC compares Marjorie Taylor Greene to a bar-room drunk as their feud intensifies | The Independent

JohnJHarwood: AOC to reporters on Marjorie Taylor Greene, the House colleague who has stalked her: “This is a woman that’s deeply unwell. "clearly needs help. "her kind of fixation has lasted for several years now. "an assessment needs to be made by the proper professional"

ann_neels: Marjorie Taylor Greene confronts Ocasio-Cortez outside House chamber Wednesday, per Washington Post - CNNPolitics

JamesLindholm1: If ethics mattered in congress this would be a violation Marjorie Taylor Greene Chased AOC Around Congress Screaming About Terrorism, Says Report

ann_neels: 'Only a Matter of Time': Americans Concerned After 'Crazy Person' Marjorie Taylor Greene Accosts AOC

covie_93: If any other individual behave the way Marjorie Taylor Greene is acting in the workplace, that person would be fired.

OssoSabrina: Osso Safe will be doing a live interview on Teens Talk Truth Radio with Ann Wooten-Taylor this Sat, May 15th, at 1pm EST; Topic: What to do during an active school shooting?

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AaronParnas: Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-Georgia) does not deserve to serve another day in Congress.

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westfaironline: First announced in January 2019, the 3,920-square-foot store that began construction in September of that year officially opens today at 97 Main St., formerly the site of an Ann Taylor store.

MeidasTouch: AOC should get a restraining order against Marjorie Taylor Greene. Greene is unhinged and obsessed!

RBReich: Leave it to the GOP to be more outraged about Liz Cheney telling the truth about a presidential election than Marjorie Taylor Greene inciting violence against her colleagues.

RBReich: Instead of purging Liz Cheney, House Republicans should expel Marjorie Taylor Green.

Independent: People are saying AOC needs to get a restraining order against MTG after House ‘confrontation’

taylor_ann_0816: My petty ass baby daddy stole my tattoo idea JUST so I wouldn’t want to get it anymore. All because I left his ass 3 YEARS AGO.

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Keshii_ann: Good morning ms taylor!! ♥️

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