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stephzell: not my therapist telling me I need to find a passion in life besides Taylor Swift???? Come on Ann do not drag me today

CalltoActivism: BOOM: Rep. Jamie Raskin just TORCHED Republican lawmakers like Marjorie Taylor Greene who visited January 6th rioters in prison. Raskins’ remarks came after GOP complaints about Washington D.C.'s handling of violent crime. Raskin LIT Republicans over their hypocrisy: "The…

dngill: Those who voted against Starmer’s motion: Andy Kerr (CWU) Mick Whelan (ASLEF) Iaan Murray (FBU) Nicola Jukes (TSSA) Jayne Taylor (UNITE) Tony Woodhouse (UNITE) Mish Rahman (CLPs) Gemma Bolton " Jess Barnard " Yasmine Dar " Ann Black " Ellen Morrison (Disabled Members) THANK YOU

TonyHussein4: Donald J. Trump's campaign rally featured individuals imprisoned for their roles in the attack on the Capitol. Speaker Kevin McCarthy met the mother of Ashli Babbitt. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Byron Donalds visited the jail to check on conditions for the Jan 6th defendants.

OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: Elon Musk’s Twitter spits in the face of its own rules and reinstates the account of bigot Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene after she was suspended for making a disgusting, fear-mongering post about a rally called “Trans Day of Vengeance” in a clear attempt to incite hatred…

krassenstein: BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s congressional Twitter account has just been suspended for “violating rules against violent speech”. She was unsuspended but then resuspended for pushing ignorant false narratives about Transgender people being a part of ANTIFA. She was then…

debbiecat: Ann Taylor

radamsWAPT: Conservative Republican senator Melanie Sojourner said she was voting against Dr. Robert Taylor because she says he once called Mississippi “the most racist state in America” and branded Taylor a supporter of critical race theory… and the removal of historical monuments.

OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: Democratic Rep. Jared Moskowitz destroys Marjorie Taylor Greene to her face during a hearing after she absurdly says that we should stock classrooms with armed guards to stop mass shootings, saying to her: "There are six people that are dead in that school including…

OccupyDemocrats: If you’re proud of Democratic Rep. Jared Moskowitz after he just destroyed Marjorie Taylor Greene to her face during a hearing after she absurdly said that we should stock classrooms with armed guards to stop mass shootings, saying to her: "There are six people that are dead in…

Acyn: Marjorie Taylor Greene: I’m from south south uh— I’m sorry northwest Georgia

LTUAthletics: MLAX | Final from Ann Arbor in a Top 10 showdown... Blue Devils back in action on the road this weekend vs. Taylor!!

travelingwitch1: Check out this new photograph that I uploaded to

travelingwitch1: Check out this new photograph that I uploaded to

briantylercohen: When Marjorie Taylor Greene was in 11th grade, George H.W. Bush was president and Joe Biden was a random Senator from Delaware.

MeidasTouch: It's bad enough that Marjorie Taylor Greene lies about everything and spreads dangerous conspiracy theories. But when she lies to fight against policies that would save kids' lives, it truly makes her beneath contempt.

pi_maxiu: i took mr beast’s order at the flatiron honeybrains and he tried to tip me $500 in ann taylor loft rewards points

CREWcrew: Trump isn't the only politician posting social media content inciting violence. Marjorie Taylor Greene used her congressional account to repeatedly post about a “Trans Day of Vengeance” after the shooting in Nashville this week.

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LothlorienJ: Lothlorien Poetry Journal: Four Poems by Ann Taylor

lathanders: trigun stampede wolfwood looks like he got his entire outfit from the working woman basics section of ann taylor

floofyfluff2: first we lost vash's every-single-belt-in-a-hot-topic boots and now my man nicholas is out here in 7/8 length ann taylor slacks and ballet flats. where will it end.

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Aarondrain8: was that Taylor Ann keeler last Thursday :O

Marcus4Georgia: As America grieves over yet another school shooting, this time in Nashville, Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to prevent the ATF from doing their job. Common Sense Gun Legislation is necessary. We must do something to protect our children.

1GeoffJones: Email from Ann Taylor - Democratic Services I have received an email from Ann Taylor of the Democratic Services Department.

1GeoffJones: Further email from Ann Taylor

1GeoffJones: I have now received another email from Ann Taylor advising me that the meeting will now be recorded and that it will be available to attend the meeting via Microsoft Teams.

ann_meharg: WTF!!! Marjorie Taylor Greene led delegation to visit Capitol attack defendants in jail

thejackhopkins: Marjorie Taylor Greene has one job to do, and it’s not to tell the truth. She is doing Putin’s work. What’s that? Excite and rile up MAGA cult members, and say things that make the left so Goddamn mad that they stop thinking clearly.

PopBase: Taylor Swift at the iHeartRadio Awards.

Lili84668576: Thread of relating Zenyuki to Taylor Swift lyrics because I can

thiquerick: i thought this was Ann Taylor Joy???

midnightstrack2: taylor swift hugging phoebe bridgers with maroon playing in the background…

PopBase: Taylor Swift now holds the Top 10 biggest streaming days by any artist on Spotify this year.

debbiecat: Ann Taylor Cyber Spring! 40% Off Your Purchase + Free Shipping.

swftnghts: Taylor got a smile that could light up this whole town

alwynswiftbr: Um sonho: gritar 1, 2, 3 LET’S GO BITCH no show da Taylor Swift

AhhYee4: This movie had SOOO many laughable moments some of which I don’t even wanna spoil but when that chef spoke to dude who’s with Ann Taylor and what happened after had me dying of laughter and idk why

Crismaths: o grave do marcus mumford em ornando perfeitamente com a voz calma e angelical da taylor no refrão I've got some tricks up my sleeve takes one to know one you're a cowboy like me

TomthunkitsMind: Remember Pamela Taylor? She's that racist Republican infamous for calling First Lady Michelle Obama "an ape in heels." She just pleaded guilty for defrauding FEMA and is facing up to 30 years in prison. via AzPetrich

eunhgalaxies: one day kalo gfriend balik, they'll do the same thing as taylor swift did.

mmpadellan: People seem to forget, because of the loud and crazy antics of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, how devastatingly evil old school Republicans like Mitch McConnell were, and still are. Don't get misty-eyed over Mitch's seemingly normal demeanor. He helped create the…

debbiecat: Ann Taylor Cyber Spring! 40% Off Your Purchase + Free Shipping.

gaylebot: I don't want meat sitting in my fridge unless it's been retail-folded like an Ann Taylor knit top.

theliamnissan: The reason Marjorie Taylor Greene hates loud whistles so much is because of the heightened sensitivity of her sasquatch ears.

theliamnissan: Marjorie Taylor Greene is going ape shit right now, which is another reason I suspect gigantopithecus

debbiecat: Ann Taylor

glxtchpovs: i’m still not over 33 year old taylor singing the REAL SLOW exactly like the 16 year old taylor i won’t surivive debut (taylor’s version) i fear

7Veritas4: The Waco crowd for Trump. There were more people in line for bathrooms at the Taylor Swift concert.

Taofeeqah17: "Why women kill" is such an amazing movie. Only Beth Ann was justified to kill her lying ass cruel husband, and she did it so well without doing it herself. Also, Karl and Simone were the perfect imperfect couple loved them! Taylor and her coke addict husband can go to hell!!

LauraRiggaro: To the guy that blew his whistle every time Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke…I fkg love you! Where ever you are, if this ever finds you, you, sir, ROCK! Oh, and, P.S. if you ever need bail money DM me anytime! LOVE YOU!

GeorgeTakei: On the other hand, perhaps Marjorie Taylor Greene had better get used to visiting the men she admires in prison.

debbiecat: Ann Taylor

travelingwitch1: Check out this new photograph that I uploaded to

travelingwitch1: Check out this new photograph that I uploaded to

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TCMonehour: ALL THE BROTHERS WERE VALIANT (1953) D: Richard Thorpe | Robert Taylor, Stewart Granger, Ann Blyth 10:15AM EDT In the South Pacific islands, two brothers, one good and one bad, fight over the same girl and over a bag of pearls. 101m

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AdrienneRoyer: In my 20s, I had coworkers who use to refer to Ann Taylor as “Forever 36.”

DerekWinnert: MGM’s old-fashioned 1953 sea-faring adventure film All the Brothers Were Valiant stars Stewart Granger and Robert Taylor as valiant sailing ship brothers Mark and Joel Shore, working in the fishing business in the South Pacific islands.

sweetnrbeer: hii! i’m not new to stantwt but i just havent been active here for a while !! i’m hannah, i’m 17 and my pronouns are she her :) my favourite artists are ariana grande, madison beer & taylor swift :) rt this so i can find moots x

MacFarlaneNews: Delegation of Members of Congress, including Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) are expected to tour DC jail today... amid nightly protests by Jan 6-sympathizers outside jail Ashli Babbitt's mother, who met w/ Speaker Kevin McCarthy yesterday, said McCarthy isn't expected to join

modabandido: So mad all the Ann Taylor stores closed

localinannarbor: And yet again Mayor Taylor is "incredibly excited".

MacFarlaneNews: Feds ask for "change of plea hearing" in Capitol riot case of Russell Taylor of California He's accused of creating "Telegram chat called the California Patriots-DC Brigade" to coordinate ahead of Jan 6 And he's accused of carrying knife, urging rioters to push thru police line

ssparkisfly: all of you moved on but she lives within me… taylor maría alejandra you will always be famous

manoir_dargent: Check out Ann Taylor Loft Small Evening Sequin Clutch Shoulder Bag Chain Strap 9”x4.5”

jadencum: when i die boomerang them lowering me into the ground on your insta story

evreward: 1 day left ~ Ann Taylor: 30% off Sale Styles. Ends Mar 24th.

NamSnelson: running to Ann Taylor to make a return on my lunch break. what’s next my 40th birthday?

HoustonAudubon: Deepen your understanding of the African American experience and its connection to the land at ER & Ann Taylor Park on March 25. Bear witness to the power of Ann Taylor's legacy through the beauty of nature, art & stories in this participatory experience.

djshort89: I Finally Do

jondmaas: Ann Miller explaining to Arlene Dahl and Elizabeth Taylor that she doesn't work on Passover because she doesn't do game shows.

cowboyinwoods13: nobody was prepared for the serve that was taylor swift performing tis the damn season for the first time

ann_delicate_ts: She likes ABBA & Taylor Swift + 1989 THIS WOMAN HAS SO MUCH TASTE

chamilravinda: James Stewart, Jean Arthur, Franc Capra, Lionel Barrymore, Ann Miller, Dub Taylor, Edward Arnold, Spring Byington, Mischa Auer, Donald Meek, Samuel S, Hinds You Can't Take it With You (1938)

travelingwitch1: Check out this new photograph that I uploaded to

IanJaeger29: BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene is calling for House Republicans to impeach Joe Biden. Do you support this?

SunburstNation: Check out Womans floral balloon sleeve blouse by Ann Taylor size large

dontblameklara: in 2002 a Pennsylvania family’s computer breaks down. they call a local repair guy who, while fixing their computer, teacher their daughter Taylor to play a few chords on the guitar

PopBase: For a fifth consecutive day, Taylor Swift has broken her own record for biggest streaming day by any artist on Spotify this year. (73.8m)

DashDobrofsky: Marjorie Taylor Greene is now calling for the arrest of Alvin Bragg, for simply doing his job as a District Attorney. She is overstepping her boundary as a member of Congress. She is totally out of her jurisdiction. She ought to be expelled for espousing such fascistic rhetoric.

feltconnoisseur: receiving never before seen amounts of psychic damage admitting to myself that i, in my early 20s, love ann taylor clothing.

Nar_olepsy: I'm proud of myself for managing to find secondhand items for most of my Red Dead 2 cosplay. And also very amused at the idea of an outlaw in an Ann Taylor Loft blazer.

CollinRugg: NEW: Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for the arrest of Alvin Bragg for hiding exculpatory evidence, citing his attempt to promote "civil unrest with his Soros funded political war." Do you agree?

mmpadellan: And a brand new continuation of the hypocridiocy is this tweet from Marjorie Taylor Greene, where she joins Senator Rand Paul in calling for the arrest of DA Alvin Bragg. It's rich that Miss "National divorce" is accusing Bragg of "trying to incite civil unrest." INSANE.

Goodknightttt: why does it seem that julie ann taylor gets typecast into voicing redheads who are religiously devoted to their job or duty

debbiecat: Ann Taylor Extra 30% Off Sale Styles. Today Only! Select Full-Price Styles Starting At $39.50.

Parody_PM: In front of a packed audience of about a dozen, the ironically named ‘Reform UK’ unveil their secret weapon - regressive dinosaur Ann Widdecombe.

PopBase: Taylor Swift now owns the Top 3 biggest streaming days by any artist on Spotify this year. March 17 (66.6m) March 18 (66.9m) March 19 (67m)

xMegaMichellex: Mayor Taylor says that CA-7 rocks. The American Rescue Plan lets the Ann Arbor Housing Commission buy some properties to provide affordable housing.

VORTEXonManor: The process to create the magical set of Dragonfly Princess, opening this Saturday at 8pm! Scenic Design by Ann Marie Gordon (Michigan). Lighting Design by Jason Amato (Norfolk, VA). Sound Design by Roy Taylor (Louisville, KY). TICKETS HERE:

swiftieintdark: taylor you'll be fine

gaylebot: How 'bout you go on my cooling rack before my crab cakes pop out of their Ann Taylor prison

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folkhazed: Who's gonna tell them that taylor has been using wristband since the 1989 tour aka 8 YEARS ago..

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Aisha: Sweet poem
Linus Ichemeta : i am so happy interested in your poems especially this title "my mother" i pray for more grace upon you

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