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pattsetsfire: ann taylor joy's voice is so soothing

WagnerTonight: As amazing as it would be for one elementary school to be given $5 billion, that's just one of many things Marjorie Taylor Greene managed to get wrong in a surprisingly short amount of talking.

ChrisMurphyCT: Marjorie Taylor Greene said that Sandy Hook and Parkland were staged and the parents are actors and the kids are really still alive. Republicans just put her on the committee that oversees school safety. But Ilhan Omar…

TonyHussein4: Ashli Babbit died trying to overthrow the U.S. Government. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy broke with Marjorie Taylor Greene when he was asked about the death of Ashli Babbitt. “I think the police officer did his job,” Speaker McCarthy told reporters.

musiconclick: Gloria Ann Taylor - Love Is A Hurtin' Thing

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PolitiFact: Marjorie Taylor Greene said a single Illinois school received $5.1 billion for equity and diversity efforts. That’s wrong. The money was divided among Illinois school districts to reopen schools after pandemic closures.

razzli_: Why did Marjorie Taylor Greene tweet this, the day before Paul Pelosi was attacked?

TorFilmSociety: Peggy Ann Garner was born on February 3, 1932. Known primarily as a child actress, she's best remembered for her role in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945) for which she won a Juvenile Oscar. She also appeared in Jane Eyre (1943) with Elizabeth Taylor. .

jer3myj: Apparently Ann, Lynn, Taylor and Marie were the only middle names mothers in the late 80's/early 90's knew for their daughters

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ordinarybhoy: Greg Taylor celebrates his brilliant opener with Matt O’Riley last night

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afvandine: Feels very 2016 this morning…Biden is on Pennsylvania Ave, I’m commuting from Cleveland Park, and I’m wearing a machine washable Ann Taylor dress to the office where I am going to stream arguments in Adnan Syed’s case….

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crystalhoff: NYC retail is really depressing me lately: first every ann taylor (where my ENTIRE work wardrobe is from) closed, then my go-to pre-work coffee shop closed and now my favorite marshall’s store uptown is closing. what’s next?

Acyn: Question: One of the first things Marjorie Taylor Greene said on oversight was that Ashli Babbitt was murdered. Do you think she was murdered or do you think the officer was just doing his job? McCarthy: I think the police officer did his job

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WajahatAli: GOP rewards Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, who are supporters of the violent insurrection, make violent threats against Dems, and support anti-semitic white nationalists like Nick Fuentes. But Ilhan Omar? She's too Muslim for them. She's off the committee.

Ann_TS_Taylor: I'm in the blue van across the parking lot ;)

BestRestroom: “I look forward to seeing what downtown improvements can be made, particularly with respect to the introduction of public restrooms,” Ann Arbor, MI Mayor Christopher Taylor said regarding $200,000 in federal stimulus funds.

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steakdriven: Dear Ann Taylor: I will pepper my language with even more references to weapons and combat than I did before. Just to spite you.

krassenstein: Marjorie Taylor Greene literally just claimed that one school in Illinois received “$5.1 BILLION” to teach “equity and diversity". $5.1 Billion dollars would entirely fund 250+ public schools on average. These people are nuts.

DashDobrofsky: Marjorie Taylor Greene is using her newfound committee chair to spread racist lies and to target the trans community. It remains the world’s greatest mystery as to why the January 6 Committee didn’t criminally refer her to the Justice Department for her role in the attack.

daithaigilbert: It's been 18 months since Matthew Coleman took his young kids to Mexico and brutally murdered them with a spear fishing gun. He told the FBI he was inspired by QAnon conspiracies This week, the DOJ announced it would not seek the death penalty...

CatsOfYore: "Ann Ellen Taylor Maxtone-Graham at age 4" 1903.

AaronParnas: In a world full of people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, be like Jamie Raskin.

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Phil_Lewis_: “Hot spot” cops killed Tyre Nichols in Memphis and Breonna Taylor in Louisville. Gov. Kathy Hochul doubled their funding in New York — and wants to double it again.

Phil_Lewis_: Tamika Palmer, the mother of Breonna Taylor and Philonise Floyd, the brother of George Floyd will attend Tyre Nichols’s funeral tomorrow in Memphis

1ThomasCostello: Taylor Mikesell has been named to the Ann Meyers-Drysdale Award top 10 watchlist for best shooting guard in the country.

dieworkwear: When Campeau realized he didn't have enough money to cover the down payment, he sold BB and Ann Taylor in 1988 (BB was sold for $770M). Who did he sell it to? Marks & Spencer, a British multinational retailer who at the time was trying to get into the US market for food & clothes

igorbobic: During a committee meeting today, Marjorie Taylor Greene compared the police killing of Tyre Nichols during a traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee, to…the police shooting of Capitol rioter Ashli Babbitt

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sassygayroot: I also genuinely, most genuinely hate the "playing the victim" narrative the media pushed on Taylor. Like, that woman can not so much as feel her feelings about something awful and everyone is claiming she's overreacting. Very detrimental.

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KamanderMainy: It’s time to live in my truth. I am a LOFT, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor girl

Gollysunshine: Mittens - a monologue performed by Crystal Ann Taylor

allwebdeals: I'm at Ann Taylor in Indianapolis, IN

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leafluz: Na moral? Love is a hurtin' thing (12" version), Gloria Ann Taylor

atrupar: McCarthy suggests that Marjorie Taylor Greene's QAnon stuff and endorsement of political violence are no big deal because she did it before she was elected

DyjuanTatro: It’s there’s 1 thing you take away from 5 cops murdering Tyre Nichols over a traffic infraction, it’s that all the reforms have failed. After Mike Brown & George Floyd & Breonna Taylor & body-cams & tasers & training & diversity & blah blah, police are killing more, not less.

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NBCNews: A Native American teen who died at a Utah boarding school was sick in the weeks before her death, but employees were trained to ignore complaints, former staff members say.

subashmanisingh: Ms. Valerie Ann Taylor OBE, Founder - Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed, Dhaka, Mr. Sherab Dorjee, Head of Chancery - Royal Embassey of Bhutan Dhaka, Prof. Ahmed Mushtaque Raza Chowdhury Vice Chairperson - Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee,

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TodayinLDSHist: 190 years ago today - Jan 28, 1833 John Taylor: Married Leonora Cannon 28 January 1833 in Toronto. Four children: George John, Mary Ann, Joseph James, and Leonora Agnes. [Cook, Lyndon W., The Revelations of the Prophet Joseph Smith: A Historical and Bio…

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barua_ln: I don't trust words, I trust actions. Have a good day beloved friend Ms. Valerie Ann Taylor, the founder of Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) in Savar, Dhaka.Bangladesh.

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rinkubarua10: I don't trust words, I trust actions. Have a good day beloved friend Ms. Valerie Ann Taylor, the founder of Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) in Savar, Dhaka.Bangladesh.

RpsAgainstTrump: Kevin McCarthy on Marjorie Taylor Greene: “If you’re going to be in a fight, you want Marjorie in your foxhole...I will never leave that woman...I will always take care of her.” Dems should put these quotes up on billboards in every swing district across the country.

pigeonfaith: Just passed by the minion cum Ann Taylor

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Realitytea: New post: Southern Hospitality Star Mia Alario Claims “Geriatric” Shep Rose Tried To Kiss Her While He Was Dating Ta

RpsAgainstTrump: I'll never forgive Kevin McCarthy and House Republican leadership for normalizing and elevating Marjorie Taylor Greene to such a prominent position in Congress.

metzgov: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene remains upset with me for reporting this story a month ago, has refused to answer my questions in the hall since then. Asked her tonight how long that would last. “The rest of your life,” she said.

Acyn: Marjorie Taylor Greene says Biden abused his power by lowering gas prices before an election

dallasasahole: Friday music break: Hound Dog Taylor, Ann Arbor, 1973.

GameOfRosesPod: This Week in Bachelor Nation Hannah Ann Sluss got engaged, Christina Mandrell had a cameo in a Taylor Swift music video, and much more. Listen now!

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AndrewSolender: Freshman Rep. Anthony D'Esposito, who reps the bluest seat of any House Republican, gets a Homeland Security subcommittee chair. So do Freedom Caucus members Clay Higgins (Border) and Dan Bishop (Oversight). Marjorie Taylor Greene on both of those subcommittees.

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washingtonpost: Opinion by Dana Milbank: In truth, the new majority doesn’t have much bread to dole out. But it has more clown acts than could fill the Circus Maximus. With so many committees overloaded with loons, it’s but a matter of time until things blow up.

ProjectLincoln: Kevin McCarthy knows what the media can't or won't admit. Republicans don't have to like Marjorie Taylor Greene to keep her in office. They only care about the end game, not how they get there.

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akafacehots: Do you agree that Antifa should be recognized as a terrorist organization?

ItsJeffHudson: There is no way two people who organized an insurrection can be the President and Vice President of this country. No. Effing. Way.

realTuckFrumper: Marjorie Taylor Greene's amendment to bar Biden from selling oil goes down in massive bipartisan defeat

ReyCurmudgeon: The Ann Coulter to Jared Taylor pipeline.

Jezebirb: Getting engaged in Ann Taylor and ballet flats. I’m sick.

RhondaBanniste6: I am begging the FBI and DOJ to hurry up and start indictinh we saw How is Republicans all supporting and helping plan January 6 start with Marjorie Taylor green and House representative Perry all of them are dirty Gosar gohmer Randy Jackson over 100 of them now

StephieHaddad: 3 of 5 stars to The Shark Club by Ann Kidd Taylor

calgirl56: What is happening?? Ann Taylor (PD) is representing Brian Koheburger ( Alleged killer) of 4 students. And she used to represent 3 parents of 2 of the Victims?? Wtf!! Xana's mom AND the 2 parents of Maddie Mogen. This is such a slap in their faces!!

PopBase: Taylor Swift in the music video for ‘Lavender Haze.’

PopBase: Taylor Swift for ‘Lavender Haze.’

AshleyySpencer: The love interest in Taylor Swift’s new Lavender Haze music video is trans model and artist Laith Ashley. At a time when trans rights are increasingly under attack, this representation is major.

BaddCompani: Marjorie Taylor Greene hit with brutal smackdown by top Democrat


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OrthodoxMarx: My opinion: The conflict of interest issue has beem way overblown by the media. Yes it does suck when your public defender ditches you, but it seems likely to make for a fair trial, Bryan needs the representation of Ann Taylor or someone similar who may not be available or exist.

Acyn: Marjorie Taylor Greene amendment fails 14-418

KathleenEDavis: If you think getting Taylor Swift tickets is impossible you've never tried to register a 6 year old for one week of art camp in Ann Arbor...

ProjectLincoln: SINO (Speaker In Name Only) Kevin McCarthy has sold his spine to Marjorie Taylor Greene, his larynx to Matt Gaetz, and the scattered remains of his soul to the hungry ultra-MAGA masses.


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Aisha: Sweet poem
Linus Ichemeta : i am so happy interested in your poems especially this title "my mother" i pray for more grace upon you

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