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vintage_obscura: Gloria Ann Taylor - Love Is A Hurting Thing [USA, DEEP Soul] (1973) -- Rare soul record with hypnotic, almost disco/reggae feel to it

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DanPriceSeattle: 31. Stock for the parent company of Ann Taylor, Loft and Lane Bryant is down 75% in a year. It closed all 2,800 stores. So what did it do? Gave executives $5.5 million in bonuses, including over $2 million to the CEO

Marcus4Georgia: Georgia deserves better than Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

ChrisMcEleny: Mr Taylor will no doubt be regretting what he has said and it may cost him his job, which would be regrettable at such a young age. But this should really be a lesson that words, as actions do, have consequences.

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AmerIndependent: Greene's record of pro-QAnon, antisemitic, racist, and Islamophobic behavior is not enough to stop dozens of her GOP colleagues from co-sponsoring her proposals.

ann_neels: Marjorie Taylor Greene Reminds Supporters Of Second Amendment Rights Against Vaccine Door Knockers | Daily Sound & Fury

PesiaSolo: Ann Taylor maroon/red shirt.

sandibachom: 7) I’ve believed for awhile that people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz were being coached. Then at their presser this week they were whisked away into a car by Brad Parscale. The very same who worked with Cambridge Analytica. Rebekah Mercer’s propaganda org

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Marcus4Georgia: Yesterday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called on her supporters to exercise their “Second Amendment rights” against vaccine door knockers. We shouldn’t tolerate incitement to violence against healthcare workers by a member of congress. We must unseat her.

BuddyWinston: Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to break into a prison today. It was either a PR stunt or Matt checking out his future accommodations.

therecount: TRESPASSING: GOP Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Louie Gohmert, and Matt Gaetz are denied entry to a corrections facility holding January 6th prisoners.

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MSONEWSports: CONNECTIONS Podcast: Gloucester Times Journalist Taylor Ann Bradford Discusses Recent Coverage

Ann_TS_Taylor: Covid-19 hospitalization rates are going up in IN. The average Covid-19 hospitalization costs $78,000. 98.9% of Covid-19 hospitalizations are unvaccinated individuals.

ann_neels: Gaetz, Greene and Gohmert get 'locked out' of jail during stunt to visit Jan. 6 'political prisoners' - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism

ann_neels: Marjorie Taylor Greene calls on supporters to exercise 'Second Amendment rights' on vaccine door-knockers from Biden's 'police state' - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism

ChristopherHahn: Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to see your manager. She is the “Karen” of Congress.

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melissafaliveno: In related news, if anyone wants an entire earth-tone wardrobe from Ann Taylor Loft circa 2011-16 I’ve got you covered.

Marcus4Georgia: If Marjorie Taylor Greene won’t use her office to help the people of Georgia, she shouldn’t keep it.

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Hardtimes20201: Any time I see Marjorie Taylor Greene on national television wearing a mask, I am reminded of her reluctance to wear one previously and this is all I can think of. This woman makes Ann Coulter seem tame.

amcastillo: (2/2) I wholeheartedly agree with the guidelines : shorts at work are never ok and closed toed shoes on manufacturing floor is just common sense. But why the slacks? Why must I look like I shop at Ann Taylor or Banana Republic to be considered as corporate “dressed for success”?

dav_jolly: What a Charmer? As Shaw Taylor used to say keep Em Peeled!

thebias_news: NEW: Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene, Thomas Massie and Ralph Norman sue Pelosi over mask fines.

steakparent: Whats the most expensive thing you ever stole for me it was an xbox i think — Oh my gosh thats awesome!! I never stole anything crazy, but i have a bunch of dresses from ann taylor i still wear, probably like 80-90 a piece? The ha…

BCHS_Principal: Happy birthday to our outstanding Vice Principal of Academics Mrs. Ann Taylor! Boundless energy, and a deep love of BCHS, please join me in wishing this treasure to our community a happy day!

DavidJHarrisJr: Unbelievable!!!

chris_calabrese: Men don’t deserve Simone Biles. We don’t deserve Naomi Osaka. Or almost any woman for that matter. We deserve Marjorie Taylor Greene, Candace Owens, and Ann Coulter.

mattiedigi: the ann taylor store manager is gonna rip my head off when she see i’m making another 2,000 return

yasminparissa: I’ve graduated to having body dysmorphic episodes in the Ann Taylor’s fitting rooms

NSMASportsMedia: NSMA intern Taylor Ann Hartley chats with 2020 Montana Sportswriter of the Year, Jordan Hansen about how he juggles writing for multiple publications. Hear the rest of their conversation here:

JakeLobin: The "Intolerant Left" will interrupt traitors like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar & Louie Gohmert from spreading their seditious lies. Meanwhile... The 'Tolerant Right' is totally cool with literally trying to overthrow the government.

ann_neels: GOP Reps Abandon Disastrous Presser on Jan. 6 Hearing

ann_neels: Marjorie Taylor Greene freaks out as Jan. 6 committee kicks off: 'They want members of Congress in jail!' - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism

ann_neels: Protesters Disrupt And Destroy Matt Gaetz And Marjorie Taylor Greene's Pro-Treason Press Conference

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NEWSBEEP2: How to Start a Blog in 2021 (And Make Money!) – By Taylor Ann

OneDepression03: My tiktok for you page is just Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Farah Ann Taylor Swift Farah Ann

davidhogg111: Maybe you should give Marjorie Taylor Greene a call

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SRuhle: REMINDER: 21 house republicans voted against awarding the gold medal to capital police officers

rexzane1: It really galls me that Republicans want justice for Ashli Babbitt. Really? A domestic terrorist, killed while trying to overtake the Capital of the United States? I mean, does anyone still remember Breonna Taylor? Shot to death in her bed on a no knock warrant? Justice? C’mon.

DarmofalRacing: SUPER SPIRIT wins Race 1 on day 2 of harness racing at Tiffin, Ohio. Congrats to owner Ann Russell and driver Charles Taylor. The Michigan “connection”.

Marcus4Georgia: Today, protestors ended Marjorie Taylor Greene’s press conference early. In 2022, I’ll end her political career early by beating her at the ballot box.

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realTuckFrumper: Marjorie Taylor Greene freaks out as Jan. 6 committee kicks off: 'They want members of Congress in jail!'

DetmerMike: Want another Firewall and Firebrand in Washington DC like Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs, Clay Higgins, Margerie Taylor Green and Rand Paul? Well, I need your help to get there please!

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rmill73: that’s not me!! that’s the evil spirit of corporate america that has taken over my soul and is forcing me to wear ann taylor clothes in muted colors

MontCoHealthDep: Montgomery County students! Sign-up for a chance to win prizes if you have received your COVID-19 vaccine!

ShawnMartell1: Ann Taylor Park was kinda lit this evening.

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therecount: Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) calls out right-wing pundits spewing COVID misinformation: “The Ron Johnsons of the world, the Marjorie Taylor Greenes of the world, the Tucker Carlsons of the world … they’re literally putting people’s lives at risk.”

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OhNoSheTwitnt: Marjorie Taylor Greene is the missing link between humans and Ann Coulter.

Yesterday_Today: July 26 - Happy bday: Mick Jagger 78, Helen Mirren 76, Roger Taylor[Queen] 72, Susan George 71, Nana Visitor 63, Kevin Spacey 62, Sandra Bullock 57, Olivia Williams 53, Kate Beckinsdale 48. Jacinda Ardern 41.

beyonceseyelid: Next collection is gonna be Martha May Who meets Ann Bonfoey Taylor

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NSMASportsMedia: NSMA intern Taylor Ann Hartley chats with 2020 North Carolina Sportswriter of the Year, Ed Hardin about how he went from sportswriter to professional harmonica instructor. Check it out here:

devil_cakes: I passed by Ann Taylor and wanted to go in.

TomthunkitsMind: REMEMBER THEM: Breonna Taylor Rayshard Brooks Robert Fuller George Floyd Ahmaud Arbery Sandra Bland Sean Reed Tamir Rice Eric Garner Oscar Grant Michael Brown Walter Scott Atatiana Jefferson Philando Castile Botham Jean HOW MANY MORE?

_GooberFace: Original Breonna Taylor painting brought back home to Injustice Square for one day to mark its one year anniversary. If you’re in Louisville, go visit and say her name.

AlissaAzar: Late last night patriot front defaced a mural in a historically Black neighborhood in Portland of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery with white supremacist symbols. The community has come together alongside the original artist to fix the mural. It’s almost finished.

yaeldana: Went shopping today for the business-casual clothes I'll need at the end of the month. It was a major fail. Early 30s, size 12 ish maybe? BR factory, Gap factory, Ann Taylor factory, and Loft outlet resulted in a few (literally) tops but nothing else. Help me please.

JakeLobin: 500 days ago, Breonna Taylor was murdered. Her killers? Still free. Where's justice? Say her name.

ann_neels: Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Air Force veteran a 'traitor' - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism

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ArizonaNewsnet: *** GO NOTICE: All residents in the Silver Creek Drainage Basin from Shumway to Taylor and Snowflake are being asked to evacuate.

Flightschool4c1: Women in rock I love: Ann Wilson, Amy Taylor (she’s young look up Amyl & the Sniffers), Debbie Harry, Joan Jett

scaralicerosa: Imo Beth Ann is gaslight, Taylor is girlboss wihich I guess leaves gatekeep for Simone? Not sure

TheMasterMam: Sarah/Zarah have shake shack and Zara the clothing brand with sweatshops! Ariana’s family of Kara’s are no good! Sarah give me my garbage Shake Shack and Ann Taylor business back!

briantylercohen: NEW: Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s nationwide fundraising tour has been a bust, spending over a quarter of a million dollars while raising less than $60k.

Badassassassin: Might I add that Taylor Ann Trac(er)y has yet to make a statement? While she community guideline strikes videos showing that the art Katy commissioned her for is t r a c e d.

noir_jessica: In the film Escape Room (admittedly, I haven’t seen it) Taylor Russell is trapped in a room with Deborah Ann Wool. Lucky her!


olivebarden_: Not to sound like I’m 43 but Ann Taylor has some really cute shit this season

marcweiszer: UGA’s own Maria Taylor makes a quick move from ESPN to NBC Sports. She’s in Tokyo for the Olympics.

NSMASportsMedia: NSMA intern Taylor Ann Hartley chats with North Carolina Sportscaster of the Year Gary Hahn about how he keeps an audience tuned in. Hear more of his advice here:

DonLew87: If we ask Marjorie Taylor Greene if she's 'clinically obtuse', is it a HIPPA violation?

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Ashley24706243: Taylor Swift Releases Original Version of ‘The Lakes’ For 'Folklore' Ann...

rightnow6music: “Love Is A Hurtin' Thing” by Gloria Ann Taylor

JBsWhatsOn: Gloria Ann Taylor - Love Is A Hurtin' Thing

kytevillanueva: still so true bestie taylor marie ann luzviminda dimasilang

instablog9ja: A Nigerian man, Gift Kenneth, has been sentenced to jail alongside his mother and girlfriend for defrauding an American lady, Lucinda Ann Garnes Henrichson of about $902,935 (about N371 million).

MAFrameInOrder: Taylor Swift - Miss Americana - Frame 6990 out of 15354

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Linus Ichemeta : i am so happy interested in your poems especially this title "my mother" i pray for more grace upon you

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