In shadows cast by deeds concealed,
Where morals yield to greed's appeal,
Corrupt officials, with hearts of stone,
In halls of power, they've made their throne.

They wear a cloak of false virtue's guise,
But beneath it lies a web of lies.
Their pockets bulge with ill-gained gold,
While justice's story remains untold.

Like vultures circling in the skies,
They prey on trust with cunning eyes.
Innocence, they artfully deceive,
A web of deceit, they deftly weave.

Their promises, like mirages, gleam,
Yet reality's not as it may seem.
They sell the dream of a brighter dawn,
But their path leads to a future forlorn.

With silver tongues, they spin their tale,
But in their hearts, corruption prevails.
Like serpents slithering through the night,
They twist the truth, hidden from sight.

In allegory's dance, they waltz and sway,
Their moral compass led astray.
The ship of state, on treacherous seas,
With corrupt officials, there's no release.

Oh, Lady Justice, with blinded eyes,
Your scales they tip with sordid lies.
In the realm of power, they've taken root,
Their avarice and greed bear bitter fruit.

But let us not despair, for in the light,
The truth shall shine, dispelling night.
With courage, unity, and voices raised,
We'll expose their deeds, their web unfazed.

For in the end, as history's shown,
The seeds of corruption are overthrown.
In the hearts of the just, a fire burns bright,
To reclaim the realm from corruption's blight.

So, let us stand against this tide,
With words and actions, side by side.
Expose the corrupt, let justice prevail,
In the land of truth, let right set sail.

Andrew Bugembe