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Am a video director, photographer and a writer...
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  • In The Butcher House.
    In the butcher house,
    A place of horror, where death is so near,
    No joy or delight,
    Only sorrow and despair reign. ...
  • Life Of A Karamojong
    Imagine a life full of sorrow, regret and pain!!
    From the very first to the very last,
    With every day seeming the same,
    No joy, no laughter or smile, ...
  • Thick Blood In The City
    Heavy thick lumps of blood on the streets of Kampala,
    Loud noise and cries from all the corners
    from old and young moppets,
    Bullet sounds, and teargas fume pollutions, ...
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I'M Ceded-i'Ve Stopped Being Theirs
 by Emily Dickinson


I'm ceded-I've stopped being Theirs-
The name They dropped upon my face
With water, in the country church
Is finished using, now,
And They can put it with my Dolls,
My childhood, and the string of spools,

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