When you happen to see me around,
Tell me I was looking for me.
I know how crazy I sound,
It's a clear picture I want to see.

When you see me in a day, not Sunday,
Remind me to always pray.
I wish I had a better way,
"Just in case," is all I can say.

Whenever you hear me speak,
Don't let me forget my words,
Tightly ensure I grab the mic,
And make me forget the crowd size.

When I happen to be lost,
Please show me the way.
Grab my hand at any cost,
With you I'd see another day.

When you see I'm renouncing,
Please make me remember,
The worthiness of fighting,
And together we can conquer.

When you catch me looking at you,
Please allow me to.
I owe you more than enough,
Without you I'd have no life.