She's young and attractive, a beautiful thought
Every morning is a good-looking day
She's cautious to see a spot in her short dress,
but not careful to avoid it tomorrow.
She's always smiling to the mirror, a perfect virtual imagine
She's a woman with an outlook nature,
and a small window for the future.
She's the mother who sleeps before her kids
She makes no mistakes in her company
A group of socials is where she feels safe and validated.
Her curvy body is the holy temple to pray
and offer her conscience everyday.
This is a woman who wants a perfect life,
but does very little interpersonal effort
to make make this wish a sound belief.
She's a woman of a substantial potential
but lives to prove herself wrong by worrying about
proving the virtual world right.

The other one is a fearless and strong woman
she's naturally beautiful and uniquely outgoing.
She's sleeping late to learn something educative
or sleeps after her family is safe.
She's a woman with a clue of what she is
and what she's capable of achieving.
She does more to shape herself than just believing.
She made a mistake once and spent a sleepless night
formulating ways to achieve a stable relationship
with her family, friends and colleagues .
She's the face of social integrity and professional maturity.
She spends time embracing a better version of life
and looks at herself not in a mirror, but in the young ladies
she inspires .
She's a woman who accepts her femininity as a home,
A home for her family, her faith and her soul
She's not a perfect woman but she knows
how perfect she can make the world she lives.