When you close your eyes, there's only one question, "How can I lift my foot?" You ask desperately.
When you try to find the first step passionately,
you drown in your blood but still you keep every inaction, far from your body, mind and soul.

You stand your ground and fertilize your foundation with every possible way. Just when you're close to your graduation, you hit a wall of setbacks and degradation. Your growing hopes and dreams of being a hero, minimized to a near mark of "ground zero"

You've got accustomed to pain , but still you pull close the eternal chain, and keep trying to unchain yourself and no one learns you got no occupation, to wake up for, or sleep with a promise of promotion.

You've fallen before, ten times in a row,
and every time you got up your face was shining
with smiles, laughter and graceful grinning.
You're not just a hero, you're the inspiration to
yourself. Bravery and motivation is found in your definition, if anything you're the world in this universe of transition.

You're not just a light in the dark, you transcend within fears and failures, you're the rekindled love of hope and unshakeable faith.
You're the person the world needs!
You're the person you need
You're the sparkle of truth,
and in this battle you were never alone!