Ally Fred Pray Poems

  • 1.
    I asked God for a miracle one day,
    There was no sign.
    No response.
    I looked at the sky,
  • 2.
    Sharp air in my fragile nostrils, I'd smell freedom,
    My closed eyes could hardly see the light.
    Can't tell how big was the ransom,
    But I recall the sensational bliss it brought.
  • 3.
    In every morning the glorious rays of East
    and the joyous evening rays of West
    I see the deepest smile from your heart.

  • 4.
    A bright morning is better than a sunny day,
    The beautiful rays of the sunshine today,
    I love a sunny day.
    The dazzling light looks gay,
  • 5.
    Don't come to look at me,
    I was lost and not your eyes I'd see.

    Don't wet your eyes crying,
  • 6.
    It was a long wearisome walk
    Alone without someone to talk
    The legs entirely exhausted
    The throat extremely thirsted
  • 7.
    What's more beautiful to watch than the sunset?
    The evening birds happily sings in harmony,
    Calm winds whistles quietly, how benevolent?
    The sun peacefully escorted by the twilight,
  • 8.
    When you happen to see me around,
    Tell me I was looking for me.
    I know how crazy I sound,
    It's a clear picture I want to see.
  • 9.
    If only wind could hear my voice, I'd ask it to blow you away.
    If only I could erase your memories, I'd smile for a day.
    You came without fear or favour to the less fortunate,
    And left me with your phobia I can't underestimate.
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