Happy Birthday! Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Sharp air in my fragile nostrils I'd smell freedomA
My closed eyes could hardly see the lightB
Can't tell how big was the ransomA
But I recall the sensational bliss it broughtC
Surrounded by the blue rescue teamD
I'd feel warm hands around my delicate skinE
Held for months in the sanctioned homeF
But my health was flawlessly greenG
Feeling the foreign air in my lungs I gave out a hollerH
When I heard a gratifying soft feminine chortleI
And my lips felt a tender tip of a hooterH
That day I knew the months were absolutely legalI
And now I'm twice the one who had me cagedJ
The one who molded me into a whole beingK
To love her beyond death I'd have me avengedL
' Cause this day were it not for her I wouldn't be livingK
Now I look at the heavens and prayM
For my family my friends and friends to beN
To live euphorically and see more like this dayM
And sing happily Happy birthday to MeN

Ally Fred
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/23/2020


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