1. Because pockets are not a natural right.

2. Because the great majority of women do not want pockets. If they did
they would have them.

3. Because whenever women have had pockets they have not used them.

4. Because women are required to carry enough things as it is, without
the additional burden of pockets.

5. Because it would make dissension between husband and wife as to whose
pockets were to be filled.

6. Because it would destroy man's chivalry toward woman, if he did not
have to carry all her things in his pockets.

7. Because men are men, and women are women. We must not fly in the face
of nature.

8. Because pockets have been used by men to carry tobacco, pipes,
whiskey flasks, chewing gum and compromising letters. We see no reason
to suppose that women would use them more wisely.