On your mark,
Set, Go...
Until the finish-line of this race,
I guess I'll never really know.

is there any part of
"Happily ever after"
That was ever true?
Coz all my search history,
Been coming up empty...

Is happiness a mere fantasy??
Feels like all I seem to find are
Unpleasant Realities
On this journey.

So far...
I came close to the things
That I never really got
& I got things that I never
Should have come close to...
Negative & positive,
Living life like electricity.

They say:
"If you don't remember
Where you're coming from,
Then you don't know where
You're going"

But what if where
I'm coming from,
Doesn't even remember me??

See, I'm tired off hearing
Parables of the old & the young,
Old riddles and songs.
Should you be apologetic
When you're wrong
To a younger one
Could that be wrong??

Respect, reciprocal...
A younger one
Who respects you
Deserves his/her own respect
False, True...

Been on the journey
One time I had to ask myself
To what extent??
But I only came up
with question marks.