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    The man who rightly acts without coercion
    Will not be grieved, can never wholly sink in wretchedness;
    While the lawless criminal is forcibly dragged under
    In the current of time when from the shattered mast
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    Though Zeus plan all things right,
    Yet is his heart's desire full hard to trace;
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    Our mistress bids me with all speed to call
    Aegisthus to the strangers, that he come
  • 4.
    PROMETHEUS (alone)

    O holy Aether, and swift-winged Winds,
    And River-wells, and laughter innumerous
  • 5.
    Hear ye my statute, men of Attica--
    Ye who of bloodshed judge this primal cause;
    Yea, and in future age shall Aegeus's host
    Revere this court of jurors. This the hill
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