Aeschylus Fire Poems

  • 1.
    A GLEAM -- a gleam -- from Ida's height,
    By the Fire-god sent, it came;
    From watch to watch it leapt, that light,
    As a rider rode the flame!
  • 2.
    Earth is rocking in space!
    And the thunders crash up with a roar upon roar,
    And the eddying lightnings flash fire in my face,
    And the whirlwinds are whirling the dust round and round--
  • 3.
    Up and lead the dance of Fate!
    Lift the song that mortals hate!
    Tell what rights are ours on earth,
    Over all of human birth.
  • 4.
    Now long and long from wintry Strymon blew
    The weary, hungry, anchor-straining blasts,
    The winds that wandering seamen dearly rue,
    Nor spared the cables worn and groaning masts;
  • 5.
    PROMETHEUS (alone)

    O holy Aether, and swift-winged Winds,
    And River-wells, and laughter innumerous
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