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Adelaide Anne Procter (30 October 1825 – 2 February 1864) was an English poet and philanthropist.

Her literary career began when she was a teenager, her poems appearing in Charles Dickens's periodicals Household Words and All the Year Round, and later in feminist journals. Her charity work and her conversion to Roman Catholicism seem to have influenced her poetry, which deals with such subjects as homelessness, poverty, and fallen women, among whom she performed philanthropic work. Procter was the favourite poet of Queen Victoria. Coventry Patmore called her the most popular poet of the day, after Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Few modern critics have rated her work, but it is still thought significant for what it reveals about how Victorian women expressed otherwise repressed feelings....
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Adelaide Anne Procter Poems

  • Fidelis
    You have taken back the promise
    That you spoke so long ago;
    Taken back the heart you gave me-
    I must even let it go. ...
  • One By One The Sands Are Flowing
    One by one the sands are flowing,
    One by one the moments fall:
    Some are coming, some are going;
    Do not strive to grasp them all. ...
  • The Requital
    LOUD roared the tempest,
    Fast fell the sleet;
    A little Child Angel
    Passed down the street, ...
  • A Woman-s Question
    BEFORE I trust my fate to thee,
    Or place my hand in thine,
    Before I let thy future give
    Color and form to mine, ...
  • Envy
    He was the first always: Fortune
    Shone bright in his face.
    I fought for years; with no effort
    He conquered the place: ...
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Roxannriskin: "no star is ever lost we once have seen, we always may be what we might have been." adelaide anne procter
Alltimerobin: my latest audiobook is live! this one completes my recordings of charles dickens' "the haunted house" anthology - this chapter is a poem by adelaide anne procter
Lamdarling: no star is ever lost we once have seen, we always may be what we might have been. — adelaide anne procter, poet happy new year 2023.
Stardustmelody5: "true or false" by adelaide anne procter (read by tom o'bedlam)
Dickensfellowhq: botd - 30/10/1825 - adelaide anne procter, the poet who contributed about a sixth of the total number of poems cd published in hw. cd wrote the introduction to her posthumously published collection of poems 'legends & lyrics'.
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