The hand of the lord,
Empty the world and lay it waste
its inhabitants scattered abroad:
what to the world befall this fate,
as to the priest, so with the member:
As to the master, so with his servant
As with the maid, so to its teacher
As for the seller, same be for the merchant
for the lender, So for he that borrow
as with the taker, so for the giver of usury
Bound everyone to toilings and sorrow,
For it is said of the voice of almighty.
Roses fades and greens withers straws
The earth is defiled by its inhabitants;
they have all disobeyed the laws,
and broken its everlasting convenants
the land is under a strong divine spell,
Its kindred, each bearing their guilt,
The crowd are flogged and expell
And very few are left behind atilt-
All wines and minerals sour-
The bottle has fallen the drunkard,
Every worship places in closure;
Drums and piano are mute and sad.
We moan our city in desolate;
The gate of our countries barred,
Horses and sheep halt their blate,
Their owner has left grasses ungarnered
Men that flew from sound of terror,
Have been drowned into a deep pit;
The earth is shakened in great horror,
it sways like a cottage loosing its sit;
The lord almighty in wrath has reprove
the powers in the heavens below;
And kings in the darkest matter above,
Lord God will reign as all earth will knee low.