If i remember the night at banana island
i cant hold back the smiling
sitting in the heat of the commercial bus
looking out into the third mainland ocean
we were all on long tared bridge
pointing to the fishing men on the boats
that would be my greatest joy
if I ever travel again to banana island
Do you know that people build estates on waters
tall and beautiful, i have ever seen?
life is new here and the breeze blows cooler
we party the whole day down
I remember that we went swimming
with those lagos slim girls
splashing and laughing
like we gave no care to our worries
i think you have ever been to banana island
strolling down its busy streets?
music buffing from every corner
everyone you meet smile atyou
they are happy to make you friend
they get you drink and tell you their names
if I ever travel again to banana island
I'll take you along, my dear.