Have you asked,
The blacks who climb palm tree
with their two naked hands
Or the pointed nose white men,
Who rush hot noddles to the belly
with a thiny bamboo sticks
It seems silly unless you are told
i mean some sort of things
Myself cant explain to a kid
when i was a baby apprentice
Inside the bakery,
Where your agege bread is made
365 days used to be too long,
24 hours used to be too short ;
Where you would work as set robots
Where all the arts of hell are learned
You could lift hot pans with fingers
At turning of flour and many sweets
You risked your eyes to little salts
Foolish joke everyone'd laugh at
A wrong slang talked by bakers
With eyes white as rolled dough,
Fat guys who snored as pregnant pigs
Girls who wont bath their roots for days
Smokes were puffed by small boy
And their lips black as downblow,
We all lived as brothers and sons
Because our half-cooked rices,
Were shared together with joy