At 18 Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


At I've lost my sleep for gamesB
And gave my fame to stupid nicknamesB
Thinking my jinks could get well so soonC
Tried thousand stunts to prove my goonC
And now the way to scold is to say I'm twentyD
Or I need to hold a girl's hand to show maturityD
Cause none of my siblings is taking me as wiseE
That maybe I don't listen to your simple adviceF
Or i do forgets where in the room I lay my combG
Yet mom started this since i was in her wombH
The same goes same old methods she taught meD
Still i can't lose out my legs from trousers freeD
Nor hangs my caps and socks where they fitI
Still i make a noise when I listen to new hitsJ
Still I don't understand some board's cueK
Still I can't paint nor cream the green blueK
I've got a large brain and a good empty senseL
Reading books but can't make a perfect tenseL
I am turning forty soon maybe i'll get the funM
To be sure of things before i should take the runM

Adebayo Sir Toby
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 11/21/2020


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