Cut out your heart,
Out in your hands, tear it apart
You can drink this cup of poison
Draining down its dregs and toxin

That's how the rule goes with great men
Same Still happening even now and then
You've seen well, the church can't flout
To shoot the truth in the center clout

You've seen well- in politics, evils and lies
Bad practices to a level none could realize
You've heard well, the numberless attacks
The rappings, tortures, killings at its stacks

Men who left bloodstains on book of history
Driven by their ego for power and supremacy
In the society, if you see some maniac deforms
In your nation, You hunger for better reforms

Try ten whips on your skin, cut out a shred
Imagine ten blows landing upon your head
But if your creed is too frail to argue a case
Or just would give in at a spit on your face

You're one of the cowards then
Who would die here among men.