Better you stroll to and fro,
Through the inland state of osun
Boys running with dodo,smelling sweet
Just like a coke stain on a Nurse's wear
Take a tour to the scary sculptures
Ancient mountains, they smokes
Sacred waterfalls,they flows.

Life is not fashionable here,
See gardens and fields by the road
See gutters and refuses left unfold
I wish you are hearer of their tongue
Market women and their loud callings
Days gets so dark unlike cities
They sleeps early and wakes late.

You take a ride in an Osun tricycle
See the world turning in your eyes
Feel the roughest wind in your head
See goats standing in broken windows
See falling signposts showing Davido
All vests painted with Aregbesola's photos
I am down at home again,the state of osun.