Poet Adams Makaye Omari

Adams Makaye Omari

Goodbye Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Take me back toA
the solemn daysB
where night and day matteredC
when those texts from Princess got me goosebumpsB
when i held my chin up in patienceB
and waited to hold and kiss you in the silenceB
when i got so crazy for youA
and all i could do was dream of winning youA
into my mysterious lifeD
full of secrets and controversies untoldE
I hope you take me back to the daysB
not after my dream had come trueA
that you want to sink me back to a stalk in the fieldsB
my dream was to win a medalF
my greatest and biggest blessing wasB
i 'won' the medalF
the medal was you my beautiful princessB
But of what essence is a medal when an athlete can't defend itG
Tonight i withdraw from my former requestsB
'cause i guess i no longer stand a chanceB
i'll roll down my sleeves and appreciate the 'love' we sharedH
and as i quit i'll count you on as the bestI
keep your wheel rolling steadilyJ
hope your mileage with me wasn't that badK
but we gotta try it out differentlyJ
rather than keep it indifferentlyJ

Adams Makaye Omari
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 02/04/2020


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