Cheers from me,
Embraced by jeers from you,
Tears from me,
I got a tear in my heart,
You promised you'll stay by my side,
I was a fool to believe you,
Albeit I got no prophecy,
I don't deserve what I'm served.

Remember our first kiss?
I ignored when I saw you spit in the dark,
I thought you were kidding,
I must have been a fool,
Remember how I toiled?
From dawn to dusk,
All I could raise was a dime,
And forsake everything to make you prime.

I was blind I didn't see this coming,
The ‘light' in you shone bright against my eyes
I just realized too late,
You were not the angel I thought,
You were an illuminated devil impostering an angel,
My eyes are now open,
I see you look like the winter night sky,
Please leave my life!

I was better without you devil,
I gave you my trust that you gravely trashed,
I gave you all of me, you didn't,
But how was I to know,
I promise I'll never miss you,
Leave for good please,
I'll one day find the angel I seek,
But until then, it's good riddance to you!