Take me back to...
the solemn days
where night and day mattered
when those texts from Princess got me goosebumps...
when i held my chin up in patience
and waited to hold and kiss you in the silence
when i got so crazy for you
and all i could do was dream of winning you
into my mysterious life
full of secrets and controversies untold

I hope you take me back to the days
not after my dream had come true
that you want to sink me back to a stalk in the fields
my dream was to win a medal
my greatest and biggest blessing was ...
i 'won' the medal
the medal was you my beautiful princess
But of what essence is a medal when an athlete can't defend it?

Tonight i withdraw from my former requests
'cause i guess i no longer stand a chance
i'll roll down my sleeves and appreciate the 'love' we shared
and as i quit i'll count you on as the best
keep your wheel rolling steadily
hope your mileage with me wasn't that bad
but we gotta try it out differently
rather than keep it indifferently!