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MayaCPopa: Happy Wednesday from Zbigniew Herbert:

pisslordebot: Zbigniew Herbert James Franco battiato n Britney Spears

food_rooms: "the whole setting sun in a stag's antlers" and "help me to understand other tongues other sufferings" from Zbigniew Herbert "like as the waves make toward the pebbled shore, so do our minutes hasten to their end" from Shakespeare

donj_tolo: "a bird is a bird, slavery means slavery, a knife is a knife, death remains death." - Zbigniew Herbert

tiibet_mfc: “To reach the source, you have to swim against the current. Only trash swims downstream.” (Murakami quoting the Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert)

liber_novus_: 7. This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen - Tadeusz Borowski 8. In Search of Lost Time: The Fugitive - Marcel Proust 9. Sagittarius Rising - Cecil Lewis 10. Collected Poems - Zbigniew Herbert /end

RuggedBugs: a rat became the unit of currency - Zbigniew Herbert

peterbirckhead: Harpsichord In fact it is a cupboard made of walnut in a black frame. You might think that it is used to keep yellowing letters. Gypsy coins, and ribbons—whereas there’s nothing but a cuckoo entangled in a thicket of silver leaves. Zbigniew Herbert

depressingADD: strykerlancer: — Zbigniew Herbert, from “At the Gates of the Valley.”

JohnNol02897494: War is the wealthy tyrants way of life ... to deny life to others. Following is the first verse of a poem by Zbigniew Herbert: The Rain ... When my older brother came back from war he had on his forehead a little silver star and under the star an abyss

GabrielLuke94: “To reach the source, you have to swim against the current. Only trash swims downstream.” -Zbigniew Herbert

TheNewModernist: And if the City falls but a single man escapes He will carry the City within himself on the roads of exile. He will be the City. Zbigniew Herbert

BDStanley: "Mr Cogito's monster has no dimensions it's hard to describe it escapes definition it's like a great depression stretched across the country which can't be penetrated by pen argument or lance" - Zbigniew Herbert

domycustomessay: The novel “Still Life with a Birdie” by Zbigniew Herbert.   Write an analytical essay about the novel “Still Life

BorisDralyuk: Two of my friends pointed out that this choice of stories is to a great extent a matter of taste: Who indeed can stomach the Russian story unfolding before us? One friend brought up a poem by Zbigniew Herbert, “The Power of Taste,” translated by John and Bogdana Carpenter. 2/2

mpolkadot_: On Translating Poetry, by Zbigniew Herbert

AliceAvizandum: Guess who got the collected Zbigniew Herbert poems in translation

Incubo_pdf: It's time for Zbigniew Herbert

OSidorkiewicz: The webinar featured Professors Paul Slovic and Scott Slovic who discussed what they term as 'the arithmetic of compassion'. The term itself comes from Zbigniew Herbert's poem 'Mr Cogito Reads the Newspaper'.

BDStanley: I might complain about Polish schools sometimes, but I wasn’t analysing Zbigniew Herbert’s poems when I was 13. Took them two years more to trust us with Heaney’s more basic stuff.

AsiyaMiya: I would like to describe a light which is being born in me but I know it does not resemble any star for it is not so bright not so pure and is uncertain Zbigniew Herbert, I Would Like To Describe Georgia O'Keeffe, Light Coming on the Plains No. II, 1917

AsiyaMiya: The blue winter sky like a stone on which angels sublime and quite unearthly sharpen their wings moving on rungs of radiance on crags of shadow they gradually sink into the imaginary heavens but in another moment they emerge... on the other side of the sky Zbigniew Herbert, Look

RicDragon: Consent to be dazzled! “Suddenly awakened intense curiosity, sharp concentration with the senses alarmed, hope for an adventure and consent to be dazzled.” -Zbigniew Herbert

OSidorkiewicz: More details can be found here:

ekstasis: (Since today is the anniversary of Laika's flight...) Zbigniew Herbert — "First the Dog"

biblioklept: David Foster Wallace, "author of the forthcoming Infinite Jest," recommends Zbigniew Herbert's Mr. Cogito in a 1994 issue of Spin.

holdengraber: I WOULD LIKE TO DESCRIBE “we fall asleep with one hand under our head and with the other in a mound of planets our feet abandon us and taste the earth with their tiny roots which next morning we tear out painfully” ~ Zbigniew Herbert

InadeBree: ‘a rose bows its head as if it had shoulders (…) the more the rose dies the harder to say: rose.’ - Zbigniew Herbert On a Rose 2, The Collected Poems, 1956- 1998 © Robert Mapplethorpe, Rose, 1983

PIASA_NY: On October 29, 1924 Zbigniew Herbert was born. Poet, essayist, author of plays and radio dramas. Herbert won many Polish and foreign literary awards. He is one of the most frequently translated Polish writers. * Credit: Polskie Radio

InadeBree: ‘And if the city falls and one survives he shall carry the city within on the roads of exile, he shall be the city …’ - Zbigniew Herbert, Report From The Besieged City, 1983

SeanSingerPoet: Zbigniew Herbert (tr. from Polish by Alissa Valles)

AsiyaMiya: He no longer dreams of flight but of a fall that draws like lightning a profile of infinity Zbigniew Herbert, The Stars’ Chosen One Georgia O'Keeffe, A Storm,1922

OSidorkiewicz: We have a range of exciting speakers lined up for this term, including Professor Jaś Elsner and Marianna Leszczyk (Week 8) for a discussion around Zbigniew Herbert's travelogues and his reception of the Graeco-Roman tradition:

Steve_McOrmond: “The hen is the best example of what living constantly with humans leads to. She has completely lost the lightness and grace of a bird.” – Zbigniew Herbert, “The Hen.” Trans. Czeslaw Milosz and Peter Dale Scott.

MiriERubin: Report From The Besieged City by Zbigniew Herbert:

KosciuszkoFound: Don't miss: "Transformations of Mr. Cogito: Debating Zbigniew Herbert's poetic legacy" - a webinar with Jaroslaw Anders - this coming Thursday, October 6, at 4 PM ET.

AntoniZbigniew: Ketanji Brown Jackson: Congratulations One request: Forget your skin color as I never noticed it since you don`t look at yourself. Your job is hidden namely in the brain. I wish you success. Antoni or Zbigniew or Herbert or any other name you want. You can choose, if you like

aliner: Zbigniew Herbert’s “Objects”.

Astoria0_0: Zbigniew Herbert and Jan Kochanowski always will be hated by me

martynwendell: "The final stanza of [Zbigniew Herbert's] poem “Pebble” (A Study of the Object, 1961) might have been written for David: Pebbles cannot be tamed to the end they will look at us with a calm and very clear eye”

naomi7444: Conch by Zbigniew Herbert What are the constants that we might forget about? Take a moment to remember…

aliner: I would give all metaphors in return for one word drawn out of my breast like a rib for one word contained within the boundaries of my skin - Zbigniew Herbert, from "I Would Like to Describe"

arentvn: "Aux accords d’Amphion les pierres se mouvaient Et sur les murs thébains en ordre s’élevaient." (Boileau). Zbigniew Herbert wrote about Arion, a "Hellenic Caruso": "of what does Arion sing/ nobody really knows this/ of most importance is that he returns harmony to the world".

princessekateri: I could write a treatise on the sudden transformation of life into archaeology Zbigniew Herbert

GordonConnolly: "I bequeath to the four elements all I had in my brief possession.". (Taken from the poem 'Testament' by Zbigniew Herbert.) Safe harbour from everyone at

vanopticon: this is zbigniew herbert, dunno how his name fell off

nakiba: You were saved not in order to live you have little time you must give testimony (Zbigniew Herbert | The envoy of Mr Cogito)

seallbecomehome: Keats. Then several others have created an impact in my poetry, like Zbigniew Herbert most notably, but Keats was the one that changed it all for me

ThraxMaximilian: Excited to read more of two new (to me) poets whose work I’ve enjoyed. Along with Zbigniew Herbert, big influences on Ted Hughes’s Crow series

Boiarski: “We fall asleep on words / we wake among words” ― Zbigniew Herbert

lovelyaslilith: "A rat became the unit of currency" -Zbigniew Herbert

SolTroubadour: Pebble by Zbigniew Herbert The pebble is a perfect creature equal to itself mindful of its limits filled exactly with a pebbly meaning...

EmileNois: —forgive me I did not love you enough I wasted my youth looking for real gardens and real islands in the waves' thunder Zbigniew Herbert, "Balconies"

adrianf: it’s both a lot and not much (Zbigniew Herbert: The Collected Poems 1956-1998)

SeanSingerPoet: Zbigniew Herbert (tr. from Polish by Alissa Valles)

Boiarski: …the author doesn't appear in his own person. He creates a certain poetic persona, which … is … who he would like to be." - Zbigniew Herbert

UCityReview: "I Would Like to Describe" by Zbigniew Herbert.

bernardtjoy: “we here are all suffering from the loss of a sense of time” —Zbigniew Herbert

bernardtjoy: I am happy which is to say deprived of illusions —Zbigniew Herbert

youishear: “Sensitive as an open wound.” Zbigniew Herbert through the eyes of Leopold Tyrmand

ingo_don: — Zbigniew Herbert (29/10/1924–28/7/1998) polish poet, essayist, drama writer, moralist. He was member of the Polish resistance movement, Home Army (AK), during World War II. He is one of the best known & the most translated post-war Polish writers. —

ValzhynaMort: As a part of his radio play, Zbigniew Herbert’s famous poem “Stone” (pebble, in other translations) has a preface. Here it is translated by Magdalena Czajkowska:

marysia_cc: The Old Masters did without names their signatures were the white fingers of the Madonna ... they found shelter under angels’ eyelids behind hillocks of cloud in the thick grass of paradise Zbigniew Herbert (29 October 1924 – 28 July 1998) Master of the Embroidered Foliage

PortalHistory: On 28 July 1998, Zbigniew Herbert died in Warsaw. He was a Polish poet, essayist, drama writer, and moralist. Herbert is one of the best-known and the most translated post-war Polish writers (photo:

ipngovpl_eng: He was one of the most recognizable Polish poets and essayists of the post-WW2 period, and one of the main Polish poets who stood in opposition to communism. His critically acclaimed books were translated into almost 40 languages. Zbigniew Herbert passed away 24 years ago today.

qurratulain95: “nobody loves moralist” // Zbigniew Herbert

AuchNeal: "I could write a treatise on the sudden transformation of life into archeology." – Zbigniew Herbert

karolina_anna1: “ Our eyes and ears refused obedience the princes of our senses proudly chose exile It did not require great character at all we had a shred of necessary courage but fundamentally …. it was a matter of taste Zbigniew Herbert, The Power Of Taste

gautambhatia88: Instead, just read Zbigbnew Herbert, who figured out all this stuff quite well in his poem, The Power of Taste.

UCityReview: A favorite: "The Envoy of Mr. Cogito" by Zbigniew Herbert

santIieta: the depths of the inner eye , the iris of necessity , the pupil of death 。 the collected poems by zbigniew herbert : 1956 — 1998

le0nardpoetry: from the factories go the heavenly proletarians Zbigniew Herbert (trans. Alissa Valles)

daybreakjung: as if he were still living he borrows money scrambles between heaven and earth to make contacts but the moon is the moon even without the sonata - from "Beethoven" by Zbigniew Herbert, transl. John & Bogdana Carpenter

DMPender: In response to an interviewer’s question, “What is the purpose of poetry?” Zbigniew Herbert replied, “To wake up!”

x_rVb_x: My new favourite poem. Apt for today’s living. By Zbigniew Herbert.

StaceCJohnson: The arrow became the first hero. It won against the flesh. From the start, original sin and original notions of power were wedded. The horse, without tools, ate only the garden. What followed was the chase. We're still recovering. - Reading Zbigniew Herbert’s essay, "Lascaux."

DanielCyranPoet: let us not forget to bless the miracle Zbigniew Herbert

liber_novus_: Photo of Zbigniew Herbert from the cover of his Collected Poems in English. Channeling Bill Hicks.

jamesthad1: Zbigniew Herbert, translated by Alissa Valles:

Mitchell_CBrown: From Zbigniew Herbert’s “Prayer” “[…] Lord,                  bestow on me the strength and agility of those who       build long sentences spread out like an oak, capacious       as a great valley, so they can contain worlds…”

LarsSchall: WHAT MR COGITO THINKS ABOUT HELL, By Zbigniew Herbert

PN_Review: Another look into the archive this Tuesday, this time with a poem by Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert from issue 26 of PN Review, published in 1982! This poem, and his others from the issue, are available to read in our online archive:

mrlafleurverte: A question of favorite books arose earlier on the bird and I recall now one particular thin volume I cherish to this day (though now among other works in a collected form) called King of the Ants, written by Zbigniew Herbert (trans. from Polish by John & Bogdana Carpenter).

geographydarek: This is for President Macron from Mr Cogito poem by Zbigniew Herbert: “and do not forgive truly it is not in your power to forgive in the name of those betrayed at dawn”

SikotiHamiltonR: 1/4 Yesterday on a West Auckland street corner I heard a preacher say God had saved him, & that God could save me, too, from the furnaces He created to terrify us. I thought of Zbigniew Herbert, the Polish poet & resistant, who compared Judgement Day to selections at Auschwitz.

SeanSingerPoet: Zbigniew Herbert (tr. from Polish by Alissa Valles)

Bo0okss: Interviewer : What is the purpose of the poetry?. Zbigniew Herbert

ncdominie: Zbigniew Herbert: "Why the Classics".

29bus: Today, we are changing the basics so that young people in schools can learn the theory, construction of weapons, and then experience practical knowledge of gun handling - said the minister during the opening of a virtual shooting range at ZSO No. Zbigniew Herbert in Lublin.

amonochromdream: I mentioned Vasko Popa in relation to experimental post WWII poetry, others worth checking out are Miroslav Holub (Czech), Zbigniew Herbert (Polish) & Janos Pilinszky (Hungarian) - by the last, '...the way his clumsy feet had been left out of all that gibbering bestial joy...'

bilikpenyair: we fall asleep with one hand under our head and with the other in a mound of planets —Zbigniew Herbert

Baudelaires_cat: I would like to describe a light which is being born in me but I know it does not resemble any star for it is not so bright not so pure and is uncertain - Zbigniew Herbert

jonkeyjong: “A rat became the unit of currency. Who’s ever heard of such a thing. A rat. Can you believe it. Everyone’s saying it. Zbigniew Herbert said it first though. Great man. Smart man.”

tetzelny: from Zbigniew Herbert’s obituary in the New York Times (July 28, 1998)

peterbirckhead: Zbigniew Herbert - Prayer of the Traveler Mr Cogito

bilikpenyair: “in this letter each character stands apart like a loving heart” —Zbigniew Herbert

motleybookshelf: “I run around like mad picking up handfuls of birds and my tenderness which afterall is not made of water” Zbigniew Herbert “I Would Like to Describe” (from Jane Hirshfield’s “The Nine Gates of Poetry)

SeanSingerPoet: Herbert himself described this characteristic as “semantic transparency,” by which he meant using signs to put attention on the object not in a metaphorical way, but in a way to make reality closer and clearer. Read more at:

op109: indeskidgepoetry "Living on the other side of the Iron Curtain, Zbigniew Herbert told us something similar: a poet is like a barometer for the psyche of a nation. It cannot change the weather. But it shows us what the weather is like.” — Ilya Kaminsky, February 28, 2022

Crucifvr1: “I am dead and need tenderness.” — Zbigniew Herbert

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