The Magnet And The Churn Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A MAGNET hung in a hardware shopA
And all around was a loving cropA
Of scissors and needles nails and knivesB
Offering love for all their livesC
But for iron the Magnet felt no whimD
Though he charmed iron it charmed not himD
From needles and nails and knives he'd turnE
For he'd set his love on a Silver ChurnE
His most aestheticF
Very magneticF
Fancy took this turnE
If I can wheedleG
A knife or needleG
Why not a Silver ChurnE
And Iron and Steel expressed surpriseH
The needles opened their well drilled eyesH
The pen knives felt shut up no doubtI
The scissors declared themselves cut outI
The kettles they boiled with rage 'tis saidJ
While every nail went off its headJ
And hither and thither began to roamK
Till a hammer came up and drove it homeK
While this magneticF
Lover he lived to learnE
By no endeavourL
Can Magnet everL
Attract a Silver ChurnE

William Schwenck Gilbert


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