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KeithOlbermann: "The Senate Committee Democrats must launch to neutralize The New McCarthyism, now has a target "Investigate John Durham, William Barr, Charles McGonigal and their criminal cover-up of Trump and Russia. Under oath. All summer. On TV." FRIDAY'S COUNTDOWN:

Rossboylan1: Trumps Attorney General William Barr sometimes described as the most corrupt AG ever and about whom it is often said organised Epstein's possible wacking... Is Opus Dei.

Alyssa_Milano: It’s almost as if everything we said was happening was actually happening! Am I right? Legal experts stunned by 'jaw-dropping' report on Barr, Durham protecting Trump

MaxBlumenthal: Australian Hayley Hodgson was placed in a Covid internment camp despite testing negative for the virus She was confined to a box for 14 days, offered valium when she complained about confinement, and lost her job "You feel like you're in prison..."

truth_revisited: Someone asked if Donald Trump should be charged with treason. No. He should be charged and executed for treason. Remember Trump and William Barr brought back the Federal Death Penalty. Put it to good use!

annackwebb: yeah actually, i do think Hayley William’s Petals for Armor album changed my life funny u asked

the_artstation: Museum of Hands, Ellen Sampson  The Dark Glass, Hayley Lock  Material Colour, Ruth Philo  Gem of No Value, Stuart Bowditch  It’s Movement is Captivating, Expressive, yet neither entirely mechanical nor Mechanical, William Card  Duck/Rabbit, Karen Densham

ronaldhimself: [Hayley William’s voice] Are you gonna stay the night? Are you gonna stay the night? Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh are you gonna stay the night?

BaddCompani: This Coup was in the works the whole time Trmp was in Office It was Attorneys General William Barr that failed to warn and blocked the DoJ from doing its job. Barr was a roadblock. He blocked the other agencies also. It had nothing to do with Wray. Barr was boss, Trump was Barrs

MRpetRescue: Baby William - He's one of two puppies saved from death

Freya_Gowrley: The original painting depicts the titular Serena, the heroine of William Hayley's poem, the ‘Triumphs of Temper’. It shows Serena engrossed in a book that she has been reading throughout the night, her candle near the point of extinguishment.

danger0usway: Hayley william ily u r so pretty

craigunger: Yes. Former FBI Director William Sessions became the lawyer for Russian mobster Semion Mogilevich. A successor, Louis Freeh, represented Prevezon. And now this...

ludlite: Listening to old songs. Still Into You by Paramore comes on. It’s 9 years old. When it first came out, I requested a Minecraft skin of Hayley William’s outfit on planetminecraft. I’m so old.

shannonminter5: William & Hayley Mills in the lavender bed

dcdarchive: william with hayley williams (paramore) performing "whoa" on stage at warped, 2005.

sadneytipsy: i didn’t understand bible study until i realized that my version of it is writing down paramore’s and hayley william’s lyrics in my journal and explaining how they relate or effect my life. paramore and hayley williams is my bible


bragactereza: Hayley William in this album: I’m going to TALK

hafizudinhamdan: Macam hayley william joget dalam video clip this is why.

ItsJonesii__Bby: The spirit of Hayley William took over my sis and gave us something ingenious

nclrseabsy: goodnight to hayley william's ass and her ass only

user08152001: idk why but i agree that taylor swift’s girls are also hayley william’s, olivia rodrigo’s, and ed sheeran’s

EIRENEISSANCE: Chester, Matt, Billie, Brendon Urie, Hayley William.

AdamJamesWard80: This what my mother did to Harley...just like my mother and father did to Hayley Dodd and William Tyrell

sidelinesrry: hayley william’s will always be famous

MalijimArch: Imagine not including chester bennington and hayley william LMAOOO

DramaOnUKTV: Throwback to Christmas 2012: BBC One airs the two-part drama Restless, adaptated from the novel by William Boyd, starring Hayley Atwell, Michelle Dockery and Charlotte Rampling. The first part was shown on 27 December at 9.00PM, with part two airing on 28 December. Image: BBC

manusyamonotone: Happy Hayley William’s day!

enchanteddiana: on this blessed day known as Hayley William's bday, I'm here to say that FLOWERS FOR VASES/descansos is a masterpiece and y'all should listen to it.

Medal_Locator: STOLEN Medals Albert Medal (Gold) bearing the inscription: George William BEECHING Any information to the whereabouts of the medals please contact: Met Police crime ref: 1998/3249 or

kidwithaquill: Happy Birthday Hayley William aka my favourite vocalist rn❤️

Jeffrey_Archer: As a thank you to all my wonderful readers, I’m giving away two signed sets of the William Warwick series! For your chance to enter simply sign up to my newsletter before 31st December or comment below to tell me your favourite book in the series so far.

yoonsbird: hayley william happy birthday babe

shannonminter5: William & Hayley Mills

itwastwist: hayley william on standing mic

gabby_frost: i need a sza x hayley william collab NOW

CalypsoOverkill: i wanted to have hayley william's red hair so bad i tried to dye mine and it just turned orange

hopegod3: She never even graduated from William's college outiest and I think Reed luter who went to Bates will now back that up for me but John Hayley won't he went to vasor and he didn't graduate either

ark_flower: Signposts - Pointing the Way, the Truth, and the Light: William Hayley

AdamJamesWard80: The same child molesting cult kidnapped Hayley Dodd & William Tyrell by my father and mother

voguemagazine: Just in: Prince William and Kate Middleton have revealed their 2022 family holiday card! Here's your first look:

lawofruby: Tonight, as you and yours settle in for Netflix & Chill, I want to introduce you to a guy who looks like a Hallmark Xmas movie lead, but is playing a role in a far more interesting drama. Meet William B. (aka Beau) Harrison. 1/

saturnsdreams: i love when hayley william sang “but my thoughts you can’t decode” in the studio version it just fits the background so well

lawofruby: And it would seem they remain in the inner circle. FEC filings for Trump's leadership PAC, Save America, reveal that they remain on his payroll:

blabbate: My favorite new thing is vocal coaches on YouTube reacting to Hayley William's voice.

millie_onare: dark grey jean cargo pants, hayley william’s petals for armor t-shirt, blue purple and pink tie dye hoodie, and flower-ish print vans

justastitchaway: stevie with bangs is giving hayley william vibes and i love it


SUHNDAEY: Hayley William will always be the person I wanna be

fmraizesnoar: No ar: B.O.P part. Hayley William - Airplanes

GhostOfNiesh: Hayley William dyes my hair: NOT click bait

Adilehneh: All of Hayley William’s outfits have been amazing. She has stellar fashion sense!!

mothphobe: Wouldn’t be surprised if I get death threats because of this but I don’t like the majority of Hayley William’s solo music. Her good songs are sudden desire, cinnamon, my limb, creepin, and dead horse.

_bleuaura: hayley william’s voice rattles my soul

lunoirette: anna tsuchiya, jasmine rodgers, and hayley william’s live vocals are insane actually

laeland3: i’m still not over it, i made hayley william laugh. it’s my highest accomplishment by far.

jewelwickershow: Not me letting TikTok convince me Hayley William’s middle name is Jameeka.

calboyce14: hayley william ❤️

LemonCemetery: Hayley William’s current hair style is everything

SamuelPalmerArt: Tonight’s picture: a section of Wallis’s Map of the Cities of London and Westminster 1804. Blake writes to William Hayley 1803 “The shops in London improve;everything is elegant, clean & neat; the streets are widened where they were narrow; even Snow Hill is become almost level”

_ReportWire: Hayley William Pauses Paramore Concert to Stop a Fight: “Got Me Up Here Acting Like a Teacher”

PopPunk20296454: Pop-Punk News: Hayley William Pauses Paramore Concert to Stop a Fight: "Got Me Up Here Acting Like a Teacher"

fmraizesnoar: No ar: B.O.P part. Hayley William - Airplanes

TheNewsDairy: Hayley William Pauses Paramore Concert to Stop a Fight: "Got Me Up Here Acting Like a Teacher"

xycolapoo: Hayley William Pauses Paramore Concert to Stop a Fight: “Got Me Up Here Acting Like a Teacher”

Miryksss: Gonna move to TN just to be a stylist at Hayley William’s Fruits Hair Lab.

rvsh_raz: Hayley William pernah berkata 'That's what you get when you let your heart win' :')

XQuillsandPills: Hayley William as Chucky is a gift to the world

mazb4by: Hayley William’s stage outfits as of late have been gorgeous

VandA_Bot: Portrait miniature of William Hayley by James Nixon A.R.A., British, ca. 1761-1812

mattyhsucks: Omg she’s Hayley William

LilyMichellee: Highlight of WWWY: Hayley William’s outfit.

_floydx: I'm still salty Shawn Mendes cancelled his tour esp because Hayley William's concert got cancelled bc of quarantine back in 2020. I'm just trying to see some live talent

brennabooks: question is okay but it sounds like it would be on hayley william's solo album instead of a ts album loll

wikdplaylist: Vicious Love by New Found Glory Ft. Hayley William

chaosdadedward: Can someone put me in touch with Hayley William because reasons

YELYAHRIOTT: hayley just said whore like ten times feminism is OVER !!!!!

ouijabooks: sorry rina i’m in my hayley william era again

adampknave: I really dig the new Taylor Swift, and I would hope fans of it also know Hayley William's Pedals for Armor, which is fantastic and in the same vein but also also please, if you don't know go check out Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton too! Yes, Haines from Metric. SO GOOD.

mlkjugs: hayley william finally performed all i wanted and i wasnt there im going to piss myself

petichoer: hayley william i love u ☹️☹️☹️☹️

FarOutMag: Hayley Williams discusses Paramore’s journey in a handwritten letter

sendmeafriend: Hayley will be receiving a referral check from Jim Shorkey Kia because their referral, William, came in and purchased!

Nickvogel77: Hayley William can have my soul

yahyaffi: Mommy avril, Hayley William dkk, Mas Oliv and friend

wikdplaylist: Vicious Love by New Found Glory Ft. Hayley William

Misguidedghozts: Brb flying to Nashville for Hayley William’s hairsalon

adityapratamayy: how beautiful you are hayley william

miss9172: william shakespeare one of hayley baker's favorite writers

WelcomeTheCat: If you play Misery Business by Paramore in reverse, Hayley William starts saying slurs

fmraizesnoar: No ar: B.O.P part. Hayley William - Airplanes

SafetyPinDaily: Florida Dads Accused Of Shooting Each Other's Daughters In Road Rage Incident || Via: Huffpost

realTuckFrumper: Florida Dads Accused Of Shooting Each Other’s Daughters In Road Rage Incident

ClarissaMBrooks: I know Hayley William’s physical therapist be watching her hop around that stage just worrying about her.

pessoaleatoria7: i’m gonna dye the bits of my hair that are red rn the color of hayley william’s hair

perryymore: is it a bird? is it a flame? nope its hayley william's fiery hair in 2022

ammrdniell: Hayley william is sooo pweettyyyy

Imwithherb: The party of Donald Trump, Roger Stone, Dinesh D'Souza, Rudy Giuliani, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Paul Manafort, Trump children, William very, very concerned about Hunter Biden lying on a gun application. Oh, and corruption.

wjsupermoon: No but hayley william better watch out cus this hair about to snatch her wig

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