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Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (September 24, 1825 – February 22, 1911) was an American abolitionist, suffragist, poet, teacher, public speaker, and writer. Beginning in 1845, she was one of the first African-American women to be published in the United States.

Born free in Baltimore, Maryland, Harper had a long and prolific career, publishing her first book of poetry at the age of 20. At 67, she published her widely praised novel Iola Leroy (1892), placing her among the first Black women to publish a novel.As a young woman in 1850, she taught domestic science at Union Seminary in Columbus, Ohio, a school affiliated with the AME Church. In 1851, while living with the family of William Still, a clerk at the Pennsylvania Abolition Society who helped refugee slaves make their way alo...
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Frances E. W. Harper Poems

  • Vashti
    She leaned her head upon her hand
    And heard the King's decree-
    “My lords are feasting in my halls;
    Bid Vashti come to me....
  • Truth
    A rock, for ages, stern and high,
    Stood frowning ‘gainst the earth and sky,
    And never bowed his haughty crest
    When angry storms around him prest....
  • Then And Now
    “Build me a nation,” said the Lord.
    The distant nations heard the word,
    Build me a nation true and strong,
    Bar out the old world's hate and wrong;...
  • The Sparrow's Fall
    Too frail to soar-a feeble thing-
    It fell to earth with fluttering wing;
    But God, who watches over all,
    Beheld that little sparrow's fall....
  • The Refiner's Gold
    He stood before my heart's closed door,
    And asked to enter in;
    But I had barred the passage o'er
    By unbelief and sin....
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Donovancleckley: “for me a dimness slowly creeps around earth’s fairest light, but heaven grows clearer to my view, and fairer to my sight.” - frances e.w. harper, “renewal of strength,” ‘atlanta offering: poems,’ 1895
Donnellyeuz: frances e w harper: a call to conscience nyioful
Wsupress: frances e. w. harper was a central figure in the history of nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature & intellectual thought. in discarded legacy, poet melba joyce boyd analyzes harper not simply as a feminist and an activist, but as a writer.
Zarakkhantarani: no race can afford to neglect the enlightenment of its mothers. frances e.w harper.
Tsop_exhibit: "we are all bound up together in one great bundle of humanity, and society cannot trample on the weakest and feeblest of its members without receiving the curse in its own soul.” — frances e.w. harper the soul of philanthropy opening in chicago, feb 1
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