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This was also the name of his great uncle William Hayley (priest) a 17th-century Dean of Chichester and also a contemporary architect b.1797 at Thornhill, West Yorkshire.
William Hayley by Henry Howard William Hayley (9 November 1745 – 12 November 1820) was an English writer, best known as the biographer of his friend William Cowper.

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William Hayley Poems

  • The Swan
    Kind Heaven will oft a lesson give
    If mortals are inclined to learn;
    To shew how simplest things that live,
    To kindness make a rich return. ...
  • The Dog
    Of all the speechless friends of man
    The faithful dog I deem
    Deserving from the human clan
    The tenderest esteem: ...
  • The Horse
    Virtue! thou hast spells divine,
    Spells, that savage force controul!
    What's the strongest charm of thine?
    Courage in a mother's soul. ...
  • The Elephant
    Say, nature, on whose wond'rous reign
    Delighted fancy dwells,
    Of all thy numerous brutal train
    What animal excells? ...
  • The Stork
    Who can forget fair freedom's bird,
    That has her genuine praises heard,
    Confirm'd by frequent proof?
    The patriot stork is sure to share ...
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  • Giovannitamba: a blight never does good to a tree & if a blight kill not a tree but it still bear fruit let none say that the fruit was in consequence of the blight. william blake, letter to william hayley (1803-10-07)
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