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AlexTai2781: "The Duchess truly believes this is one of the great issues of our time," said the former Tory leader, William Hague. "This is the central plank of her work in the way conservation issues are for the Duke. It’s a hugely significant moment."

OliverMathenge: Deputy President William Ruto’s lawyer Karim Khan is set to be sworn in next week as the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court as Gambian-born Fatou Bensouda retires from The Hague.

Bob_Stinson1234: William Hague is right: real leaders are not like the rest of us

Bob_Stinson1234: William Hague says we can't expect our leaders to be 'normal'

Bob_Stinson1234: William Hague enchants Hillary Clinton | Richard Adams

JeromeJerome01: The blame must start and end with those Kiev murdering neo-Nazis's who planned the February 2014 coup d'etat and the European Ministers, including British Ministers William Hague and Blairshite Baroness Ashton, who gave them hope and sustenance.

LairdSummerisle: Your daily reminder of what a complete dolt William Hague is.

bvulliamy: Here’s some examples of those people; Dido Harding, Jeremy Hunt, George Osborne, John Redwood, William Hague and Julia Hartley-Brewer.

colinjthomas: I bet when the Times signed up William Hague as a columnist, they thought he wouldn't be unutterably dull. They were wrong.

benedictrogers: An important article by William Hague

NaturalApHeal: There's only one growth strategy: work hard. -William Hague

CallGenova: "...Frazier Glenn Miller Jr., William Hague, Ian Gow (another assassinated MP), and Norwegian far-right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik (about whose case he collected newspaper clippings). He also owned Nazi iconography and books and films related to the Nazis."

karimdmi: "You do have to do business with and to try to influence people you don't agree with, or find disagreeable, so it's important to stress that balance." — William Hague

ComfortCinemas: The Art of Political Power, with Robert Caro and William Hague

RoyaleVision: "Foreign Secretary William Hague, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Ffion Hague attend a reception at the British Embassy in Paris ahead of the 70th Anniversary Of The D-Day on June 5, 2014

LoveImperfectCo: I don't think my principles change. I think the way in which you apply those principles to modern society changes. — William Hague

krsctr: Definitely the largest forehead in British politics, in a field that also includes William Hague

RoyaleVision: Princess Anne, The Princess Royal and Jared Kushner; Birgitte, The Duchess of Gloucester and the Lord Great Chamberlain; Princess Michael of Kent and Helge Lund; Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy and William Hague; arrive through the East Gallery for a State Banquet

fbermingham: The letter was signed by the former Labour foreign ministers David Owen, Margaret Beckett, Jack Straw and David Miliband, as well as the Conservatives Malcolm Rifkind and William Hague.

YoungYoruba: 26. Obasanjo was the man who rigged sickly Yar’Adua, a Fulani, President of Nigeria in 2007. 27. On the instructions of Obasanjo, former UK Foreign Secretary, Mr William Hague, consulted for the APC on how to implicate President Jonathan over the 200 Chibok school girls.

GilesMacDonogh: Office adviser to William Hague, Sir Edward Leigh, the former chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Sir Roger G. Ale, a former vice chairman of the Conservative Party, and Derek Thomas, the MP for St Ives...

philbc3: "There will always be plenty of old people" said William Hague in 2020. But when this lot retire after a lifetime of getting hammered by the Tories, do you think they're going to vote for you?

Omedla: An important article from the London Times - by William Hague former Conservative leader

GloriousMaryII: "We do." Mary nods. "I have visited a few places. I must admit is is rather beautiful. I am just about getting used to the Hague." She smiles. "I have been trying to learn the language as well. Quite interesting. I shall surprise William one day."

susan_raciti: Hague demands immediate crackdown on rapists committing ‘barbaric crimes against women'

HalaitG: An important article from the London Times - by William Hague former Conservative leader

jeremyG_jj: Gang rapes and mutilation are being carried out in the Tigray conflict but the world prefers to look the other way” - William Hague

Sami20979532: Gang rapes and mutilation are being carried out in the Tigray conflict but the world prefers to look the other way William Hague

Gods_Spy: Keif is just another William Hague

Daily_Express: 'Worst of both worlds' William Hague pleads not to delay UK vaccine rollout to help other countries and reveals why it won't work

dreamboatslim: in Labour To Win HQ there's a whiteboard with "William Hague riding a log flume" circled on it

Old_Humble: Good morning! Today is Tuesday, June 1, 2021! When Norman Lamont was Chancellor in the early 1990s, the bag which was waved at photographers outside No 11 contained a bottle of Highland Park, while the speech itself was carried in a plastic bag by his then-aide, William Hague.

CassleySpencer: What is it with senior politicians and their mouths? William Hague, Gordon Brown, Ed Milliband, Angela Rayner etc.

a_tesfaye: Action delayed is action denied. Avert Tigray from mass starvation. An important article from the London Times - by William Hague former Conservative leader

SaveAdna: We must stop barbaric crimes against women Gang rapes and mutilation are being carried out in the Tigray conflict but the world prefers to look the other way William Hague

martinplaut: An important article from the London Times – by William Hague former Conservative leader

GaryFlo50906612: Former press secretary to William Hague.Not a medical or scientific qualification to her name.Just another headline seeking goon

tabrham: "Gang rapes and mutilation are being carried out in the Tigray conflict but the world prefers to look the other way." William Hague

haileselassie_m: “Gang rapes and mutilation are being carried out in the Tigray conflict but the world prefers to look the other way” - William Hague

CharityVeep: William Hague wants to impress foreigners with a ship? Tories don’t like foreigners. You can’t have all this damned British Empire stuff in this century without being a laughing stock. The world is not 1930’s, we’ve moved on! We’re Little Britain now and no waves to rule.

ComfortCinemas: The Art of Political Power, with Robert Caro and William Hague

evan_fotis: Twenty years ago as today Times of London published my physiognomy analysis of Tony Blair and William Hague for the British elections of 2001

JamesMills1984: Or if being Starmer is counterproductive... It's a very William Hague/Nick Clegg approach... both seen as strong media performers. Their teams thought more people saw, more they would like. They were wrong. Starmer’s biggest asset isnt that you want to go for a pint with him...

jdmccafferty: 29 May 1634: Sir William Brereton visits Elizabeth Stuart Queen of Bohemia at the Hague. They have a discussion about the Lancashire witch trial among other things. Brereton also bought a portrait of Elizabeth as a souvenir (National Gallery London)

ThePowerMoveme1: The Power Movement want to thank Tesco Commercial Street Tesco Mile End Tesco Commercial Road Tesco Bethnal Green Asda Stepney Green William Davis Primary School Hague Primary School For working with us to help those in need. The Power to Change Lies Within

KingQhp: Maybe Starmer needs to go before 2024, but I’m still 100% sure that won’t change anything. It’s like William Hague in 2001, no matter what Starmer does, it won’t change the polls. Defiantly won’t see a Labour win until at least 2029.

chancedavid: This is right about Johnson and Corbyn, but to claim that until Boris, the Conservatives had shown regard for “integrity or executive competence” doesn’t pass the Theresa May and David Cameron test, and what about Ian Duncan Smith or William Hague?

Jonathanacwort7: william acworth and peter pett go and bring charles second back to uk from the hague does anyone know what both my dads relatives were doing?

DBFole13: William Hague called Jeffrey Archer a man of Probity and a man of integrity

Falcon_Malteser: Imagine an online birthday party for Michael Howard or William Hague from their fans. These people are so weird, they want a cold flannel popped on their heads.

LoriPlanken: Vtg Children's Book of Virtues Edited By William J Bennett, Il By Michael Hague, Children's hardcover Book, Gift Idea, daysgonebytreasures,

McNestry: “A strong institution doesn’t evade scrutiny. Accountability is vital to democracy so it’s right to investigate the BBC and wrong of Republicans to reject a Capitol riot inquiry. “ says William Hague today. That got the priorities nailed for the U.K. then?

gameoldgirl: Meanwhile others drag up other ancient sins, big and small. Yesterday the Times splashed on Oliver Dowden putting the boot in. Today, apart from MP on the front, William Hague shoehorns the BBC into the storming of the US Capitol in January. 7/

andrew_lilico: "We have a healthy tradition of the mockery of head-gear in this country. Folk have all kinds of fruity comments to make on the hats worn by George Galloway or Vince Cable, George Osborne’s hard hat habit as Chancellor, William Hague’s baseball cap, Jacob Rees-Mogg’s top hat or

PercevalPress: 2/2 "...should bear in mind that they will find it increasingly hard to escape the judgement of their own people, or where warranted, the reach of international law." -William Hague

MatStace: Remember when William Hague said the same thing about flights over Austria, back in 2013

BrexitCentral: As it happens, there is a simple solution for EU migration, but it is not Lord Hague’s – Lord Green of Deddington

LoriPlanken: Vtg Children's Book of Virtues Edited By William J Bennett, Il By Michael Hague, Children's hardcover Book, Gift Idea, daysgonebytreasures,

MrNatWilson: How many people knew about David Cameron’s shadow cabinet? Osborne? May? Lansley? Grayling? Fox? Hunt? Hammond? How much did we know about them in 2009-10? Maybe he was helped by established names like William Hague, Ken Clarke, Oliver Letwin, Francis Maude. Lesson for Starmer?

OpinionYP: Jayne Dowle - Why William Hague should be put in charge of levelling up

JaneSteen: 4 of 5 stars to William Pitt the Younger by William Hague

Stufuller1: Unsure which is the least impressive: MPs tweeting about the Eurovision Song Contest or Matt Hancock tweeting that vaccinations are ‘going gangbusters.’ Reminded of William Hague in his baseball cap.

ACarpenDigital: LRT It wasn’t much better in 1997 when Hague tried it.

BBCPropaganda: Ed Miliband was Labour's William Hague. Jeremy Corbyn was their IDS. They never found a Michael Howard so had to go back to the William Hague stage, only they picked a David Cameron. Huge mistake.

patrickkmaguire: Just discovered this bizarre period piece from the 1999 European elections: the Pro Euro Conservative Party hired a guy who looked a bit like William Hague to rant incoherently about Europe for three minutes

JayneDave1: Just a reminder that Margaret Thatcher, John Major, William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Howard, David Cameron and Theresa May did not win Hartlepool. But Boris Johnson did. Tories should campaign hard for Batley and Spen, the time has come to stand up to the anti-Semites

Indiecornwall: I think Andy Burham would be better for the labour left than Kier Starmer in the same way that David Cameron was better for the Tory right than was William Hague.

MoneySavingExp: MSE James used to sell garden gnomes that looked like Tony Blair, William Hague and Paddy Ashdown

forwardnotback: As a reminder, In 2000 William Hague “This is the end of politics for Jeffrey Archer. I will not tolerate such behaviour in my party” I don’t agree with Hague on much on this he was right Archer doesn’t need the money, his books keep him in a life of luxury, he is laughing at us


JeunesV: The future of liberal democracies: In conversation with William Hague an...

SpecCoffeeHouse: 'The Starmer-Burnham relationship is already reminiscent of that which developed between William Hague and Michael Portillo' ✍️ Patrick O'Flynn

docrussjackson: In 2020, Boris Johnson vowed he'd "stop at nothing" to avoid a second lockdown. William Hague said a second lockdown would be "a disaster for society" & Rishi Sunak also argued against one. Dangerous fools. We suffered 130,000 largely avoidable deaths even with three lockdowns.

FlashAlert_me: $ICE [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: Director Hague William Jefferson: Granted 1,941 of Common Stock at price $0 on 2021-05-14, increased holding by 14% to 15,417 shares

Jonathanacwort7: Got exciting news 2 bits one Anne boleyn we counted is a lot closer than we think 1st cousin 24x removed not 28x other bit news seems a very strong link to Charles second via William acworth I need go over to the Hague see where Charles 2nd kept documents seems were scotish

Dannythefink: We did this. Twice. It was good TV but it didn’t help William Hague. It also gave away our techniques for PMQs and it took months to recover in the House.

Shambles151: I am not saying he is long-winded but: Here is a photo of William Hague when ITV's Robert Peston started a question to him - and one of William Hague when he finally finished his question.

JiteStephen: Let's not be afraid to speak the common sense truth: you can't have high standards without good discipline. - William Hague

drleatongray: Johnson must trigger a schools revolution according to William Hague. They have had 11 years to do this, of course, and all I am seeing is a lot of fancy blazers and a largely static PISA league table position.

JesseGranger_: Heavily optional practice for the Golden Knights today, and the majority of the players took the option. On the ice: William Karlsson, Patrick Brown, Shea Theodore, Nick Holden, Nic Hague, Dylan Coghlan and Jiri Patera.

Ed_Dorrell: One lucky snake oil salesman has just made a record sale to William Hague. From the Times:

james_sherwood_: Awake now for the day. Watching Sebastian Coe talking about the Olympic Games in Tokyo like we care. I always think he'd make a nice couple with William Hague.

hazzamon: Sounds like a job for William Hague!

dorset_eye: The Cabinet Office has blocked the release of Lord Mountbatten's diaries. How many other sets of diaries are going to be hidden?

_drmdh: Put the storage container up against the entrance to the Hague and I'm not talking William.

ZXretroXX: That's an afternoon drinking session for William Hague.

ZXretroXX: If you listen to William Hague ....

chichard41: Can’t we just clone William ‘14 Pints’ Hague?

DavidHerdson: After 13 months in office, the only Leaders of the Opposition since 1977 whose net satisfaction ratings were worse* than Keir Starmer's were Jeremy Corbyn, William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Foot - and all bar Foot were very close. * Ipsos-Mori series

RoyaleVision: "Prince William, Duke of Cambridge is greeted by William Hague upon arriving at a joint meeting of the United for Wildlife task forces for the financial and transport sector to combat illegal wildlife trade at the Royal Geographical Society on May 14, 2019 (Alastair Grant)

MatholengweSive: -There's only one growth strategy: work hard." - William Hague

MarklewA: That’s just over a week for William Hague.

Brummiemat: Surely this is Stephen Merchant playing William Hague and Toby Jones playing John Bercow, isn’t it?

WillumG: Young William Hague would’ve solved this problem by himself.

_yowwwww: At Blair's peak when the LOTO was William Hague, were there Tories repeatedly going "enough is enough, bring back Thatcher, we need the spirit of 1979 again"? Probably but I don't remember it

adam_kealey: 13: Margaret Thatcher 14: William Hague 124: Financial Expert Only true Tories will know this reference..

BarrettsBooks: Someone call William Hague.

Davidwalsh16: Increasingly feel that Ed should get a second go at being Labour leader. He's the 2001 William Hague of the Labour Party. Leader too soon, but ever more impressive on the front bench.

sundersays: There is quite a lot of convergence between Gordon Brown's argument and William Hague's case about ways to pursue a "collaborative, not confrontational" unionism, set out on Monday in his second Times column on the topic.

atticvs: William Hague ripping the piss out of Brown. Too funny. :-))

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