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Ron Fournier (born 1963) is a business executive and former journalist. Until 2018, he was the publisher and editor of Crain’s Detroit Business. Previously he worked at Atlantic Magazine and the National Journal and as Washington bureau chief at the Associated Press (AP) until leaving in June 2010. He is the president of the public relations and lobbying firm Truscott Rossman.


Fournier is a native of Detroit, Michigan. He attended the University of Detroit. His wife, Lori, is also a graduate of the University of Detroit. They have three children, Holly, Gabrielle, and Tyler, all reared in Arlington County, Virgini...
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Ron_fournier: when guns are loved more than people
Ron_fournier: this so-called blast effect literally tears people apart. a trauma surgeon notes, “you don’t see the muscle … just bone and skin and missing parts.” another mentions tissue that “crumbled into your hands.”
Rexhuppke: guns. it’s the guns. it has always been the guns. and until we treat them like the deadly tools we know they are, it will always be the guns. my column on america's latest horror:
Ron_fournier: this is what an unregulated gun culture does to american children — when it’s not killing them.
Harisevugan: children being murdered in their classrooms is so pervasive that it is now a generational problem in america.
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