Who is William Hague

Parliamentary offices
Member of the House of Lords
Lord TemporalIncumbentAssumed office
9 October 2015
Life peerageMember of Parliament
for Richmond (Yorks)In office
23 February 1989 – 30 March 2015Preceded byLeon BrittanSucceeded byRishi Sunak

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  • Historywo: on this day in 2011, william hague revealed that the british government held important colonial era archives, which came to light because of a court case by mau mau veterans.
  • Profsked: ‘for the uk to survive it needs a new identity,’ writes william hague. for the times to survive it needs a new columnist.
  • Thejohnrobson: and who better than william hague and hillary clinton to enlighten us?
  • Julienterzariol: i know a lot of ppl hate clinton, but this is full of very good insights. i advise you to watch the replay.
  • Holdmch: thoughtful article by william hague on britishness, or rather the more recent lack of it
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