To A Friend Concerning Several Ladies Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


You know there is not muchA
that I desire a few chrysanthemumsB
half lying on the grass yellowC
and brown and white theD
talk of a few people the treesE
an expanse of dried leaves perhapsF
with ditches among themG
But there comesB
between me and these thingsH
a letterI
or even a look well placedJ
you understandK
so that I am confused twistedL
four ways and left flatM
unable to lift the food toN
my own mouthO
Here is what they say ComeP
and come and come And ifQ
I do not go I remain stale toN
myself and if I goC
I have watchedR
the city from a distance at nightS
and wondered why I wrote no poemP
Come yesT
the city is ablaze for youN
and you stand and look at itU
And they are right There isV
no good in the world except out ofW
a woman and certain women aloneX
for certain But what ifQ
I arrive like a turtleY
with my house on my back orZ
a fish ogling from under waterI
It will not do I must beA2
steaming with love coloredB2
like a flamingo For whatC2
To have legs and a silly headD2
and to smell pah like a flamingoC
that soils its own feathers behindE2
Must I go home filledF2
with a bad poemP
And they sayG2
Who can answer these thingsH
till he has tried Your eyesH2
are half closed you are a childI2
oh a sweet one ready to playG2
but I will make a man of you andJ2
with love on his shoulderI
And in the marshesK2
the crickets runL2
on the sunny dike's top andJ2
make burrows there the waterI
reflects the reeds and the reedsM2
move on their stalks and rattle drilyG2

William Carlos Williams


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