Sicilian Emigrant's Song Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


O eh lee La laA
Donna DonnaB
Blue is the sky of PalermoC
Blue is the little bayD
And dost thou remember the orange and figE
The lively sun and the sea breeze at eveningF
Hey laA
Donna Donna MariaB
O eh li La laA
Donna DonnaB
Gray is the sky of this landG
Gray and green is the waterH
I see no trees dost thou The windI
Is cold for the big woman there with the candleJ
Hey laA
Donna Donna MariaB
O eh li O laA
Donna DonnaB
I sang thee by the blue watersK
I sing thee here in the gray dawningF
Kiss for I put down my guitarL
I'll sing thee more songs after the landingF
O Jesu I love theeM
Donna Donna MariaB

William Carlos Williams


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