Portrait Of A Lady Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Your thighs are appletreesA
whose blossoms touch the skyB
Which sky The skyB
where Watteau hung a lady'sA
slipper Your kneesA
are a southern breeze orC
a gust of snow Agh whatD
sort of man was FragonardE
as if that answeredE
anything Ah yes belowF
the knees since the tuneG
drops that way it isA
one of those white summer daysA
the tall grass of your anklesA
flickers upon the shoreC
Which shoreC
the sand clings to my lipsA
Which shoreC
Agh petals maybe HowH
should I knowF
Which shore Which shoreC
I said petals from an appletreeC

William Carlos Williams


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