One leaves his leaves at home
beomg a mullen and sends up a lighthouse
to peer from: I will have my way,
yellow-A mast with a lantern, ten
fifty, a hundred, smaller and smaller
as they grow more-Liar, liar, liar!
You come from her! I can smell djer-kiss
on your clothes. Ha! you come to me,
you, I am a point of dew on a grass-stem.
Why are you sending heat down on me
from your lantern?-You are cowdung, a
dead stick with the bark off. She is
squirting on us both. She has has her
hand on you!-well?-She has defiled
ME.-Your leaves are dull, thick
and hairy.-Every hair on my body will
hold you off from me. You are a
dungcake, birdlime on a fencerail.-
love-you/">I love you, straight, yellow
finger of God pointing to-her!
Liar, broken weed, dungcake, you have-
I am a cricket waving his antennae
and you are high, grey and straight. Ha!