i(Red Rose, proud Rose, sad Rose of all my days!)
i(Come near me, while I sing the ancient ways:)
i(Cuchulain battling with the bitter tide;)
i(The Druid, grey, wood-nurtured, quiet-eyed,)
i(Who cast round Fergus dreams, and ruin untold;)
i(And thine own sadness, where of stars, grown old)
i(In dancing silver-sandaled on the sea,)
i(Sing in their high and lonely melody.)
i(Come near, that no more blinded hy man's fate,)
i(I find under the boughs of love and hate,)
i(In all poor foolish things that live a day,)
i(Eternal beauty wandering on her way.)
i(Come near, come near, come near -- Ah, leave me still)
i(A little space for the rose-breath to fill!)
i(Lest I no more bear common things that crave;)
i(The weak worm hiding down in its small cave,)
i(The field-mouse running by me in the grass,)
i(And heavy mortal hopes that toil and pass;)
i(But seek alone to hear the strange things said)
i(By God to the bright hearts of those long dead,)
i(And learn to chant a tongue men do not know.)
i(Come near; I would, before my time to go,)
i(Sing of old Eire and the ancient ways:)
i(Red Rose, proud Rose, sad Rose of all my days.)