Ribb Considers Christian Love Insufficient Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Why should I seek for love or study itA
It is of God and passes human witA
I study hatred with great diligenceB
For that's a passion in my own controlC
A sort of besom that can clear the soulC
Of everything that is not mind or senseD
Why do I hate man woman Or eventE
That is a light my jealous soul has sentE
From terror and deception freed it canF
Discover impurities can show at lastG
How soul may walk when all such things are pastG
How soul could walk before such things beganF
Then my delivered soul herself shall learnH
A darker knowledge and in hatred turnH
From every thought of God mankind has hadI
Thought is a garment and the soul's a brideJ
That cannot in that trash and tinsel hideJ
Hatred of God may bring the soul to GodK
At stroke of midnight soul cannot endureL
A bodily or mental furnitureM
What can she take until her Master giveN
Where can she look until He make the showO
What can she know until He bid her knowO
How can she live till in her blood He liveP

William Butler Yeats


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