The Ruined Chapel Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


By the shore a plot of groundA
Clips a ruined chapel roundA
Buttressed with a grassy moundA
Where Day and Night and Day go byB
And bring no touch of human soundA
Washing of the lonely seasC
Shaking of the guardian treesC
Piping of the salted breezeC
Day and Night and Day go byB
To the endless tune of theseC
Or when as winds and waters keepD
A hush more dead than any sleepD
Still morns to stiller evenings creepD
And Day and Night and Day go byB
Here the silence is most deepD
The empty ruins lapsed againE
Into Nature's wide domainF
Sow themselves with seed and grainF
As Day and Night and Day go byB
And hoard June's sun and April's rainF
Here fresh funeral tears were shedG
Now the graves are also deadG
And suckers from the ash tree spreadG
While Day and Night and Day go byB
And stars move calmly overheadG

William Allingham


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