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William Allingham (19 March 1824 – 18 November 1889) was an Irish poet, diarist and editor. He wrote several volumes of lyric verse, and his poem 'The Faeries' was much anthologised; but he is better known for his posthumously published Diary, in which he records his lively encounters with Tennyson, Carlyle and other writers and artists. His wife, Helen Allingham, was a well-known watercolourist and illustrator.

Biography William Allingham was born on 19 March 1824 in Ballyshannon, a small town in the south of County Donegal in Ulster in the north of Ireland; he was the son of the manager of a local bank who was of English descent. His younger brothers and sisters were Catherine (b. 1826), John (b. 1827), Jane (b. 1829), Edward (b. 1831; who lived only a ...
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William Allingham Poems

  • Song. O Spirit Of The Summer-time!
    O spirit of the Summer-time!
    Bring back the roses to the dells;
    The swallow from her distant clime,
    The honey-bee from drowsy cells. ...
  • A Memory
    Four ducks on a pond,
    A grass-bank beyond,
    A blue sky of spring,
    White clouds on the wing; ...
  • A Day-dream's Reflection
    Chequer'd with woven shadows as I lay
    Among the grass, blinking the watery gleam,
    I saw an Echo-Spirit in his bay
    Most idly floating in the noontide beam. ...
  • Daffodil
    Gold tassel upon March's bugle-horn,
    Whose blithe reveille blows from hill to hill
    And every valley rings--O Daffodil!
    What promise for the season newly born? ...
  • The Touchstone
    A man there came, whence none could tell,
    Bearing a Touchstone in his hand;
    And tested all things in the land
    By its unerring spell. ...
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  • Suneborkfelt: sonnet by emmeline stuart-wortley for this afternoon's class on romantic and victorian conceptions of humanity. the other texts are by dead white guys: john bennet, percy shelley, john crawfurd, darwin, william allingham, and kipling. but upcoming weeks will make up for that.
  • Anecdotalwisdom: historian thomas carlyle told the irish poet william allingham that he was intending to write a life of michelangelo. when allingham expressed interest and enthusiasm, carlyle went on discouragingly, “mind ye, i’ll no’ say much about his art.”
  • M3liorist: four ducks on a pond, a grass-bank beyond, a blue sky of spring, white clouds on the wing: what a little thing to remember for years- to remember with tears! —william allingham (a memory)
  • Ulyssesreader: laurence bloomfield in ireland by william allingham (second edition, green cloth, gilt trefoil design, previous owner's name on recto of flyleaf erased). a handbook of astronomy (cover,
  • 10minnovelist: “writing is learning to say nothing, more cleverly each day.” ― william allingham
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