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BeineckeLibrary: T.S. Eliot: Prufrock, and other observations

amadonegro: Robert Frost a Wallace Stevens:

BedfordHSChoirs: introducing this years e-board! Jen Dobson, Alora Austin, Korbyn Rodgers, Ashlee Seal, Lizzie Swaile, Steve Stevens, Sydni Wallace, Mae Pollock, Aniyah Corbin, Hanna Pierce, Abbey Stone, Autumn West, and Olivia Pierce

ChrisMehl7: Favorite poetry on an autumn eve: 'Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird' by Wallace Stevens "Among twenty snowy mountains, The only moving thing Was the eye of the blackbird....

timesflow: After one has abandoned a belief in God, poetry is that essence which takes its places as life’s redemption. —Wallace Stevens

maxsixz: The Auroras of Autumn (1950) - Wallace Stevens

BestQuote85: After the final no there comes a yes and on that yes the future of the world hangs. -Wallace Stevens -Future Follow Please

truefactsbot: Men are a cliché from which we escape by metaphor. WALLACE STEVENS

michaelscaines: My father came from Bucks County. He was a farmer’s son.. My brother came to own the farm.. I look back to that farm and the people who lived in it the way American literature used to look back to English literature. – Wallace Stevens, Oct 19 1951

mb_hvac: “Human nature is like water. It takes the shape of its container.” - Wallace Stevens

nickisonaroll: The Emperor of Ice-Cream by Wallace Stevens

RaviButalia: "Twenty men crossing a bridge, Into a village, Are twenty men crossing twenty bridges, Into twenty villages, Or one man Crossing a single bridge into a village...." Wallace Stevens, Metaphors Of A Magnifico

FrankPasquale: In Wallace Stevens' poetry, "romantic idealism is always accompanied by a critical reflection whose theme is the finitude of imagination, its conditioned existence within an extra-human environment that sets limits to our powers of world-making."

thefrenchsuites: there may be nothing nicer in the world than to take an anecdotal wallace stevens biography to read to central park

IanBuckley4: After the leaves have fallen, we return To a plain sense of things. It is as if We had come to an end of the imagination. ––Wallace Stevens, 'The Plain Sense of Things'

VinceCzyz: The house was quiet and the world was calm. The reader became the book; and summer night Was like the conscious being of the book. The house was quiet and the world was calm. The words were spoken as if there was no book ... —Wallace Stevens

biancastone: A poem is a meteor --Wallace Stevens

kjavadizadeh: Wallace Stevens, from “The Auroras of Autumn”

o_franco_aleman: Wallace Stevens

JohnSivils: As your lawyer, my advice is that you delete Twitter and go read some Wallace Stevens.

srkraaijeveld: Wallace Stevens, A Clear Day and No Memories

CaneySpeedway: Ameriflex Hose & Accessories USRA B-Mods - A Feature 1 (Results): 1-Kidwell.T 2-Artherton.C 3-Ballew.S 4-Ray.D 5-Kay.M 6-Prochnow.T 7-Ford.B 8-Keever.M 9-Wallace.A 10-Roberts.R 11-CHAMBERS.H 12-Stoner.B 13-Deaton.C 14-Stevens.T

viptravelhacks: “The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself.” -Wallace Stevens

intomymachine: As October hits a midway stride, I just wanna remind you all that “The Auroras of Autumn” is Wallace Stevens’s masterpiece, that his undervalues later poems are generally his best, and that “An Ordinary Evening in New Haven” is also a masterpiece. Don’t believe the lies.

SAbugadeh: "It is the unknown that excites the ardor of scholars, who, in the known alone, would shrivel up with boredom." 20th century American poet Wallace Stevens.

georgemoskovuk: The way through the world is more difficult to find than the way beyond it Wallace Stevens

QltyPlumbing: “Human nature is like water. It takes the shape of its container.” - Wallace Stevens

moth_pirate: ^Wallace Stevens.

SadeghRjb8: Reality is a cliché from which we escape by metaphor. - Stevens Wallace.

TTPlumbing1: “Human nature is like water. It takes the shape of its container.” - Wallace Stevens

Artsoul2: Disillusion is the last illusion. Wallace Stevens Pic: Charles (Duck) Unitas

DrainRightPlum: “Human nature is like water. It takes the shape of its container.” - Wallace Stevens

dreamingbulb: * Beauty is momentary in the mind— The fitful tracing of a portal; But in the flesh it is immortal. The body dies; the body’s beauty lives. So evenings die, in their green going, A wave, interminably flowing. —Wallace Stevens . Liu Guofu

truefactsbot: On average, an arm and a leg are a cliché from which we escape by metaphor. WALLACE STEVENS

timesflow: One might in turn become less diffident, Out of such mildew plucking neater mould And spouting new orations of the cold. One might. One might. But time will not relent. —Wallace Stevens, 'The Man Whose Pharynx Was Bad'

lamb0l0ver: Any wallace stevens heads?

mhrowe: Giuliana has been out of town, and I’m trying to live like the old sailor in the Wallace Stevens poem: “drunk and asleep in his boots,” he “catches tigers in red weather.” Except for me it’s watering the terraria, drinking G’s canned wine, and reading my little books

themoonlookson: From 'The Man with the Blue Guitar' - Wallace Stevens They said, "You have a blue guitar, You do not play things as they are." The man replied, "Things as they are Are changed upon the blue guitar." Hockney etching from The Blue Guitar 1977 (detail) (The Old Guitarist-Pablo)

vivastory38: Continue to be amazed by Wallace Stevens. Slowly making my way through the collected poems. I always thought that Harmonium was my favorite collection, but was soon second guessing myself once I read Ideas of Order. And so far I am floored by Parts of a World.

RaviButalia: "....reverberations clinging to whisper still." Wallace Stevens, An Old Philosopher In Rome

ubiktwity: The final belief is to believe in a fiction, which you know to be a fiction, there being nothing else. The exquisite truth is to know that it is a fiction and that you believe in it willingly.' -Wallace Stevens

Kulambq: "Sigh for me, night-wind, in the noisy leaves of the oak. I am tired. Sleep for me, heaven over the hill. Shout for me, loudly and loudly, joyful sun, when you rise." ~ Wallace Stevens

dreamingbulb: . The day is like wide water, without sound, / Stilled for the passing of her dreaming feet — Wallace Stevens . Claude Monet

michaelscaines: The Wallace Stevens Letters [are] much more fascinating than I thought they’d be. He must have been a bit of a disciplinarian, though..when he came home from the office the first thing he did was make people take things off the tops of his radiators.–Elizabeth Bishop, Oct 10 1968

aoifesh: “The poem must resist the intelligence almost successfully.” [Wallace Stevens]

JIdrisCoulter: 'It is cold to be forever young/ To come to tragic shores and flow,' - Variations on Summer, Wallace Stevens

hillmont_drive: Earl Wallace stevens

daskeel: “The cloud rose upward like a heavy stone/ That lost its heaviness through that same will/ Which changed light green to olive then to blue.” (Wallace Stevens)

welfordwrites: The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself. Wallace Stevens

coniugator1: Wallace Stevens - Of Mere Being

prema_raghavan: The way through the world is more difficult to find than the way beyond it Wallace Stevens

TahoeSouth: “Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.” – Wallace Stevens

rabihalameddine: This was the poem of the day five years ago: Yellow Afternoon by Wallace Stevens

KiranLingayat11: "The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself." ~ Wallace Stevens

nature_meditati: "The great poems of heaven and hell have been written and the great poem of earth remains to be written." ~ Wallace Stevens

MauricioMaronna: Wallace Stevens

skydog811: Sunday Morning by Wallace Stevens - Poems

joesmithreally: This is poetry. We need more poetry. Wallace Stevens reading his wondrous "The Idea of Order at Key West"

DieHoren: Still mulling over these choices, but to find room for John McCrae's 'In Flanders Fields' while failing to include a single poem by Wallace Stevens, Edna St. Vincent Millay or Robert Lowell seems very odd.

zerochutzpahh: "...for the listener, who listens in the snow, and, nothing himself, beholds nothing that is not there and the nothing that is." wallace stevens

joustingsnail: Sufjan's Stevens's The BQE makes me miss Brooklyn…isorhythm plus traffic plus "The Emperor of Centrifuge" — a Wallace Stevens allusion?!

tlef0: I remember reading a review once, maybe it was Helen Vendler, that said "unfortunately, Wallace Stevens is our greatest poet." This strange praise may equally apply to Saint-John Perse. His achievement is Promethean and otherworldly, as if Homer had stepped into our dark century.

ByronsShade: The yellow glistens. It glistens with various yellows, Citrons, oranges and greens Flowering over the skin. - Wallace Stevens Found some yellow in my yard this afternoon.

florabellerecs: announcing the last Florabelle LP of the year: M. SAGE- WANTS A DIAMOND PIVOT BRIGHT out Friday, 10/15 on LP and digital an album featuring Sage in collaboration with 16 artists, taking inspiration from the work of Wallace Stevens

laurenthehough: Oh and there’s the time Wallace Stevens punched Hemingway in the face, and broke his hand. Yes a couple short story writers fighting is definitely the end of fiction.

thatChrisCocca: Currently my favorite poem I've written. That will probably change, but this is it for now:

BestQuote85: A poet looks at the world the way a man looks at a woman. -Wallace Stevens -Poetry Follow Please

versifynow: Oct 5 2021 after a photograph Wallace Stevens ~ my drawing

zarandillo: "Un poema debe resistir a la inteligencia con aparente éxito" Wallace Stevens, Man Carrying Thing, Transport to Summer, 1947 Wallace Stevens at Harvard, 1900

pauljimerson: A Postcard from the Volcano by Wallace Stevens Children picking up our bones Will never know that these were once As quick as foxes on the hill; And that in autumn, when the grapes Made sharp air sharper by their smell These had a being, breathing frost; .......

pauljimerson: A dirty house in a gutted world, A tatter of shadows peaked to white, Smeared with the gold of the opulent sun. ~ From “A Postcard From the Volcano” by Wallace Stevens

elisker: “It is not everyday that the world arranges itself into a poem.” ― Wallace Stevens

NCreativityN: “The truth seems to be that we live in concepts of the imagination before the reason has established them. If this is true, then reason is simply the methodizer of the imagination.” – Wallace Stevens

bobpockrass: Race is over. Wallace wins.

jeff_gluck: NEWS: Bubba Wallace wins his first career NASCAR Cup Series race, claiming victory in a rain-shortened race at Talladega. He becomes the first African-American driver to win at NASCAR’s top level since Wendell Scott in 1963.

AndrewEpstein3: David Berman would’ve sent Wallace Stevens to write about Talladega and forced him to show his hand.

thedelhiwalla: You Get Up Early because You Adore Wallace Stevens’s Poetry… and He Adored Mourning Light

pouriaalmousavi: Money is a kind of poetry. —Wallace Stevens, Adagia in Opus Posthumous

desi_boulevards: “Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.” - Wallace Stevens

paolodajersey: Yesterday was the birthday of Wallace Stevens (1879-1955), whom in 1936 Earnest Hemingway, 15 years younger & significantly more agile, pummeled to the ground outside John Dos Passos' rented Key West bungalow. Stevens got in one good shot, breaking his right hand on Papa's chin.

typode: Is there a poem that never reaches words? —Wallace Stevens

CFedu: A new art exhibit opens tomorrow at the Citrus Campus! The "Blackbird Bound: Visual Verses” exhibits the work of six local artists inspired by the haiku-inspired poem"13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" by Wallace Stevens. Viewing is free. Learn more here:

Ubermenscchh: "The imagination is one of the forces of nature." ~ Wallace Stevens

mkimdorman: Wallace Stevens / Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

GiselaFWilson: Yesterday was Wallace Stevens birthday — “The house was quiet and the world was calm. The reader became the book...”

typode: There was a muddy centre before we breathed. There was a myth before the myth began… From this the poem springs… —Wallace Stevens, from "Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction"

iroonhome: The New Yorker: Insurance Man: The life and art of Wallace Stevens

typode: The word "nothing" appears 80 times in the Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens

gayle_dallas: “Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird” ....The river is moving. The blackbird must be flying. It was evening all afternoon. It was snowing And it was going to snow. The blackbird sat In the cedar-limbs. ——Wallace Stevens

ddillingworth: When cooler heads prevail (Wallace Stevens, Letters)

robin_ep_myers: "I’m told my poetry was described once as the work of a 'laid-back' Wallace Stevens. I don’t really know what that means. It’s code for something about California." 4/7

VQR: The poet Wallace Stevens was born on this day in 1879. Billy Collins, in his poem from our Winter 2006 issue, writes that he “went to grammar school for Jesus / and to graduate school for Wallace Stevens.”

LiteraryVienna: Wallace Stevens

holdengraber: The House Was Quiet and The World Was Calm “The house was quiet and the world was calm. The reader became the book; and summer night Was like the conscious being of the book. The house was quiet and the world was calm.” ~ Wallace Stevens BOTD, in 1879

iShaikhah_22: Shall she not find in comforts of the sun, In pungent fruit and bright, green wings, or else In any balm or beauty of the earth, Things to be cherished like the thought of heaven? Divinity must live within herself” From “Sunday Morning” by Wallace Stevens

EstherHawdon: "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" ― Wallace Stevens

InadeBree: ‘Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around a lake, …’ - Wallace Stevens, Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction (VII), 1942 Gerhard Richter, Korsika (Schiff), 1968

e_collinsworth: Birthday today of American poet Wallace Stevens (1879), who took a job with an insurance co where he stayed for the rest of his life: "It gives a man character as a poet to have this daily contact with a job."

OSOPHER: Charles Schulz began each day with a jelly donut, Wallace Stevens walked two miles to and from his job at the insurance company every day, Graham Greene cheated, Rod Serling abandoned realism. Creativity must be fed.

ingo_don: WALLACE STEVENS (2/10/1879-2/8/1955) Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird I Among twenty snowy mountains,    The only moving thing    Was the eye of the blackbird.    II I was of three minds,    Like a tree    In which there are three blackbirds.    ...

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Barbara Clark : perhaps everything is all resisting nothing

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