Victoria James Poems

  • 1.
    Let the sleeping dog lie
    Babe my feelings don’t die
    Your love is intoxicating
    I think I’m hallucinating
  • 2.
    The world is an unfair place
    Why was I brought to it
    Was it to be rubbed on my face?
    The joy’s of others?
  • 3.
    I hate you
    You said I can lean on you
    Yet here you are
    Leaning on another
  • 4.
    Everyone comes and goes
    Who can stay for me?
    I’m so lost and alone
    But it seems no one cares
  • 5.
    Such is a woman’s pain; she just wants to be free.

    They say love is a beautiful thing
    But how can I love?
  • 6.
    A monster in love
    Droplets of rain pours from my eyes
    They’ll soon be enough to call an ocean
    But you’re too occupied to dry them off
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