Poet Name:Victor Kapalu

She has made a flood out of her cries,
She has been abused emotionally,
She is feeling uncomfortable to tell
Because of the torture she is in

You left her heart locked,
Now she is folked
Because of you
The inner peace she had is no more

You forced her all the night
In that dark room
She told you no
But you forced her
And you pelled her silver hymn.

Why did you do that?
See now she is in pain.
How is she going to tell her mum?
She was the trustee daughter.
Her mum,wanted her to be a graduate

You took that as the merit
And left out.
She was cute before
With everything ,
well caved body,wide hips
And pink lips.

But you ended up
putting her on the laps.
Merely one night
Broke are heart.

But you never noticed that!
You kept digging-digging
Her soul till you took her pride
what genre person are you?

Remember you force her
In the absence of her mother
You never know
it wasn't making sence

See now she is in pain
See now she can't make a move
She have lost the dignity
and the unity

You forced her to trust you
You forced her to wait for you
You forced her!
You forced her!

You have put a dark cloud on her
You have painted her
As a black sheep in her family
Why! Why! Why!...

Did you do that?
She used to smile
She lived a happily life with friends
She seems like,she has broke a vow
Remember you forced her