Poet Name:victor Kapalu

Sometime I fail to find the love
I have for you,
Perhaps am missing the principal
Of how to show love
To you.

You're the pen I hold
when Am thinking of a poem
To write, Just to defeat
The thoughts and morals
I show to you

The love I have for you
Is unpredictable,toughable
and able
To bring smiles between us.

The thing that attach me to you
Are bliss moments we had
In blue colours.

All I want,
is to be with you forever
for you I will go to the moon and come back
Because I treasure you.

The day you said yes to me
Files of love,was recorded
As the beginning
Of our moments.

The love am planning is as glue
To emerge the pieces of your heart
That was broken, due to small

I will show you the side angles of love
In any way I have to
I will be at your side
Whenever you need me

The love I have for you
sparkes in pink
And the word love itself
Is in ink

I know you need it
As your medicine
to your heart,emotions
So let me show to