Poet Name:victor Kapalu

Dear mum,
You're the heroe we know
Who have kept gathering unity like fruits
Together in the fields of love and peace
Your love has engulf us like the blue skies.

You have made us preys
To all obstacles in dark clouds
And we grew so fast as trees
In the hands of crowds.

You have showed us
to be as brave as a lion
Just to change the previous
bitter of thoughts we were painted in crayon .

The narrow-nailed path
You took made us to be who we are
the victory is ours
And blessings are our showers .

We have sipped to your love
Which has made us to be drunkers
in happiness of our hove
On us,you never ever slambers.

Dear mum,
your quietness is as peace as Zambia's,
your moves they never sounds like a drum,
You have made us to be inspirers.

Just to be who we are,
you never gave up for nine months,
You were with us until we grew up
and you gave us sweet words to our mouths.

You're the best teacher
in our lifetimes
Take this golden award
of our richness to happiness.

Feel the sounds of love
Being given to you like a treasure
Of our crave,
Of our precious presure.

The queen of hearts
Take this red petal,
which has the sharp apex
Of our rueds.

Dear mum,
We thank you,for your care
We thank you,for being the best teacher
We thank you,for your love.