The Woman At The Washtub Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The Woman at the WashtubA
She works till fall of nightB
With soap and suds and sodaC
Her hands are wrinkled whiteB
Her diamonds are the sparklesD
The copper fire suppliesE
Her opals are the bubblesD
That from the suds ariseE
The Woman at the WashtubA
Has lost the charm of youthF
Her hair is rough and homelyG
Her figure is uncouthF
Her temper is like thunderH
With no one she agreesI
The children of the alleyG
They cling around her kneesI
The Woman at the WashtubA
She too had her romanceJ
There was a time when lightlyG
Her feet flew in the danceJ
Her feet were silver swallowsK
Her lips were flowers of fireH
Then she was Bright and EarlyG
The Blossom of DesireH
Woman at the WashtubA
And do you ever dreamL
Of all your days gone by inM
Your aureole of steamL
From birth till we are dyingN
You wash our sordid dudsO
Woman of the WashtubA
Sister of the SudsO
One night I saw a visionP
That filled my soul with dreadQ
I saw a Woman washingN
The grave clothes of the deadQ
The dead were all the livingN
And dry were lakes and meresO
The Woman at the WashtubA
She washed them with her tearsO
I saw a line with bannersO
Hung forth in proud arrayR
The banners of all battlesO
From Cam to judgment DayR
And they were stiff with slaughterH
And blood from hem to hemS
And they were red with gloryG
And she was washing themS
'Who comes forth to the judgmentT
And who will doubt my plan '-
'I come forth to the judgmentT
And for the Race of ManU
I rocked him in his cradleV
I washed him for his tombW
I claim his soul and bodyG
And I will share his doom '-

Victor James Daley


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