In Memory Of An Actress Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Say little where she lies so let her restA
What cares she now for Fame and what for ArtB
What for applause She has played out her partB
Her hands are folded calmly on her breastA
God knows the bestA
She has gone down as all must go to whereC
The players of the past are lying lowD
Players who played their parts out long agoD
With the life hue still bright on lips and hairC
And forehead fairC
Cheek's colour poise of head and flash of eyeE
Who will remember them when we are deadF
Whom that is dead have we remember dG
The end is one although we smile or sighE
We live we dieE
Bitter to some is Death to some is sweetH
Sweetest to youth and bitterest to ageI
But simple is the costume for the stageI
The darkened stage of death and very meetH
A winding sheetH
So we may fill our days with grief or mirthJ
Each as he pleases but what boots it allK
When on the coffin lid the cold clods fallK
Though we had been most eloquent on earthJ
Or dumb from birthJ
So let her rest who perished in her primeL
Surely through darkness she shall find the lightM
And though obscured to us in outer nightM
Shall play her part yet in a play sublimeL
In God's good timeL

Victor James Daley


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